Epstein Plot Thickens..It’s Deeper Than We Ever Thought


The Epstein plot, as they say, just thickened. A press announcement that a deal has been struck indicates that the Jeffrey Epstein rabbit hole goes even deeper than we thought. Potentially complicit estate lawyers appear to be actively conspiring with the third party abusers to shield them from criminal prosecution. The territory’s Attorney General just asked the Court to decide if they should be the ones to either approve or deny some highly questionable “release” forms. That means, the public may soon get to see if the Virgin Islands Probate Court has been defiled by Deep State infiltration.

A plot to shield third parties

A deal has been struck to compensate the victims, but there’s a catch. According to Attorney General Denise George, it’s a plot to shield all the other involved pedophiles from ever being charged with anything at all. She insists it has to be tossed out in fairness to the victims but doesn’t have the authority on her own. What she did do was toss the hot potato to the Probate Court. They need to decide if they should decide.

Actually, they need to decide if the law gives them both the authority and the responsibility to issue a ruling on the appropriateness of the currently worded releases. All that vagueness is an opening for the Deep State to stick its tentacles into the process.

The victims must release “independently culpable” third party abusers before they see a single penny. “such a broad release essentially amounts to a misuse of probate funds and an abuse of the probate process, solely to protect persons who are not a part of the Estate.”

Deep state wants to keep witnesses off the stand

The Deep State does not want these child molesters on a witness stand. People like Ghislaine Maxwell. She’s been described as so close to Epstein, they were like “two pedophiles in a pod.” That’s why there is a plot being cooked up to buy the victims’ silence.

There’s heavy rumors swirling around that not only is she licensed to fly helicopters and pilot submarines, she may have been well groomed in a classic con known as the “badger game.” Underage girls were likely used as bait to get world leaders and other influential figures into highly compromising sexual positions. Maxwell was unusually close to her father, a rumored Mossad agent.

Sweetheart deal of the century

When Epstein was accused of child molesting in Florida, he was given the sweetheart deal of the century. As part of that one, everybody was also carefully sworn to silence. The state agreed not to press charges against anyone but Epstein, and his charges were heavily watered down.

Once victims start to face their abusers in a court of law, all sorts of lurid details are likely to come out. Including details about the behind the scenes plot to conspire with the Palm Beach prosecutor. It’s the only explanation for how Epstein got off with such a feather-light tap on the wrist. And that is only the tip of an iceberg that could sink the Titanic.

A deal was reached on everything else

Except for the issue of the release, everything else has been settled between Ms. George and the Estate lawyers regarding the victim fund. Her criminal lawsuit under the Virgin Islands Criminally Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act is separate, and remains in the wings.

According to the statement, the current Victim Compensation Fund is a “substantial improvement.” Victim advocate Marci Hamilton, CEO of Child USA and the country’s preeminent expert and advocate on child sexual abuse issues will be involved, even if the extent of her involvement will be “two telephone calls a month from the administrator.” Funds will also be set aside for future victims who haven’t come forward yet.

The AG can claim a victory on the issue of privacy. The deal includes “protections to ensure that information shared by victims in the claims process is not provided to the estate and potentially used against the claimant or other victims.” The girls will all get access to counseling. The Probate Court will oversee the “program’s administrative budget.”

The Attorney General’s press release concludes by proclaiming their office “will forcefully continue its work to hold accountable Epstein’s criminal enterprise through the Government’s CICO lawsuit and send a clear message that the USVI is not and will not be a safe haven for sex traffickers or sexual abuse.”


  1. I remember in Southern States the age for sexual consent was 13 years of age, democrats haven’t changed a bit. Time for 2nd US Civil War again to delete the democrat party.

  2. The age of consent, in the USA, is 16, 17 and 18 years of age, dependent upon which state action is taking place in – -13 is NOT acceptable, by law. Epstein was guilty as hell, Maxwell IS guilty and so are all the big politicos involved in this mess.

    • PS-Ferret out the guilty ones and hang them; I don’t care if they’re Republicans, Democrats, men OR women “of the cloth”, or royalty – -Justice is now due!

  3. There will be no justices in this case, why because there are very powerful people involved. People like this will always be set above because they can buy their way out with big bucks. Even the victims here are only interested in the settlement. Many politicians, judges, royalties, heads of industry will continue to rape our children and run this country, because that’s what lots of money can do. Laws justice jails no way were they builder for the rich.


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