Entire Russian Government Resigns

Vladimir Putin
Photo Courtesy of G20 Argentina via Creative Commons License

A stunning announcement blew up the news world on Wednesday morning.

Russia’s entire government resigned, leaving President Vladimir Putin in place to make sweeping changes.

Massive Changes Coming

Vladimir Putin’s current term ends in 2024 and by the time his final day in office takes place, the Russia that we see should be significantly different.

The apparent goal of the new structure will be to make Russian more approachable by the western world.

When the announcement was made, Putin stated, “For my part, I also want to thank you for everything that was done at this stage of our joint work, I want to express satisfaction with the results that have been achieved.

“Not everything was done, but everything never works out in full.”

Allocating the Power

Right now, the majority of the power resides with the presidency.

The sweeping constitutional changes Putin is trying to put in place will shift the power from the presidency to the Prime Minister and Parliament.

The changes would be expected to go into place once Putin’s term has ended.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated, “After those amendments are adopted … there will be significant changes not only to a variety of constitution articles, but to the balance of power, namely to the executive, legislative and judicial branches of power.”

A More Attractive Government

Russia would like the world to believe it is focusing on reform as Putin prepares to step down from power.

Timothy Ash, a marketing strategist for Bluebay Asset Management, stated, ″(They’ll be) more focus on reform, and improving the effectiveness of government to deliver growth and improving living standards.

“Many people thought Putin would do this after presidential elections, but he gave Medvedev a bit more time.

“I think all this is a response to opinion polls reflecting popular dissatisfaction with government and their lots in life, and ebbing support even for Putin.

“In terms of timing, Putin has waited until what he sees as the external risks from sanctions moderating.

“He will sell this new, fresh government as part of a fresh start/reach out to the West.”

Needless to say, however, there is some speculation Putin just may be setting up the government to ensure his loyalists are given power once he steps down.

There are already whispers that Putin will be handpicking appointments for key positions to ensure his his agenda is carried on once he leaves office in 2024. 


  1. So, Putin is working to create a democratic government in Russia? How is that a bad thing? Taking away power from the single individual is a good thing. Dictatorships lead to massive abuse of power and untold riches for that dictator. Even he knows communism doesn’t work. Wish he would come over here and tell our youngest generation that Socialism/communism is a death wish.

    • You must have missed the part of the article where it said it was feared Putin would fill key positions in the new government with his hand picked men that would carry out his real agenda for him. Putin, the former KGB agent, can NOT be trusted. He is old school Cold War warrior, who is schooled in “maskirovka”, Russian for camouflage and deception, something they have used for decades, if not centuries. Remember his “phony” war in eastern Ukraine, he fought with Russian “volunteers” using Russian military equipment, including surface to air missals that shot down a civilian airliner, then lied about it?

  2. Well the Russians sure have a flair for the dramatic. That couldn’t happen here, our people would be afraid they’d miss some face time on the flat screen. Wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful if we could get all new people, staffs and all, in Washington. We, can dream can’t we?

  3. I will be shocked if Putin actually steps down. He wasn’t supposed to be President for this long. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was setting himself up to be the new Prime Minister! That is the kind of chess player he is.

  4. We know Vladimir is not stupid and we know he will be making sure he and his pet policies are protected. He most assuredly knows the Russian Government as established will eventually fail as did the Soviet Government. It will likely get tailored to be more approachable by the International business community. China is more in tune with the International Business Community and gets financially rewarded for that. I think that Vladimir has realized he needs to do something similar to benefit himself primarily and Russia, too.

    We definitely need to be wary of both Russia and China as both could be worldwide trouble very quickly, which means the attempted demise of the USA.

  5. I’d like to think that maybe, just maybe…, Vladimir Putin has figured out that Communism/Socialism doesn’t work and his hopes for World peace is weighing heavy on his mind. ACHIEVING WORLD PEACE WOULD BE HIS FINAL LEGACY! We can dream, can’t we? He is an intelligent human being and we can only speculate on what he is thinking, but giving him the benefit of the doubt, unlikely as it may be, could be an epiphany in the making and no one knows what God’s intervention might bring!


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