Emergency Crew Rescues Sex Doll from Drowning Situation


An emergency crew rescued what they thought was a deceased individual, but it turned out to be something else altogether. How hilarious!

Apparently, an emergency rescue crew mistook a sex doll that was floating in the water for the “corpse” of someone who had drowed. This funny mishap happened just off of Hachinohe City on the northeast coast of Japan.

This evidently was an SOS, but not the kind that was an emergency. In this case, the “SOS” stood for “Save Our Sex Doll”!

This flummoxed a team of emergency rescue divers simply because they were responding to what they thought was a “nude drowning woman”, yet they were soon to figure out that this was nothing more than a life-save floating sex doll!

This uproarious gaffe was first chronicled on Twitter by YouTuber Natsuki Tanaka, and even she had initially believed that this was a real-life rescue.

“While filming a fishing video, I thought a dead body floating in the water had washed up, but it was a blow-up doll,” Tanaka wrote about the strange scene, which occurred several weeks ago.

This influencer has 272,000 subscribers on YouTube, and they added that someone else had mistakenly alerted the authorities to the “drowning” woman, and that prompted an army of emergency services workers reminiscent of the “Keystone Cops” to arrive and they were ready to rescue what everyone believed was someone in peril.


Indeed, there were several accompanying photos that are showing multiple fire and rescue brigades, ambulances, and police that were working to dredge this dummy from the water while they had a crowd of onlookers, no less.

However, all is well with the world because the sex doll has been “rescued safely”, according to Tanaka.

Of course, it’s unclear just exactly how the blowup doll ended up in the water in the first place. (Could it be that the blowup doll lover finally got tired of his silicone soulmate?)

However, another twitter user has claimed that this was simply an example of illegal dumping, since Japan has rather stringent waste disposal laws.

However, I guess there is some good news for blowup doll owners everywhere. In order to avoid getting emergency personnel involved, there is one Japanese company who has devised a tasteful and eco-friendly way to put one’s inflatable companion out to pasture. They can throw them a funeral with candles, an undertaker, and even mourning mannequins.

So, kudos to this creative Japanese company! They will more than likely prevent any more drowning blow-up doll incidents in the future!