Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas) Pulls Ahead of Her Leftist Peers By Pushing For Impeachment


Senator Warren From Massachusetts Is Now Leading In The Iowa Polls

The Democratic struggle for the presidential nomination, is heating up. One of President Trump’s biggest foes is a front runner. The poll conducted by CNN… in conjunction with ‘The Des Moines Register’ was released late Saturday, now has Warren,70, leading the pack of hopefuls.

According to the poll Warren now has a 2% edge with Iowa Democratic caucus goers. Warren is now at 22% percent to former front runner, Joe Biden who has 20%. These statistics are within the 4% margin of error. Bernie Sanders, who some say ‘looked crazy in the last debate’ has fallen to 11%.

In 4th place is South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 9%, and Senator Kamala Harris of California losing a lot of steam at 6%. Juan Rodriguez the campaign manager of Harris, said that she has changed her focus slightly.

Harris is now concentrating on the Iowa caucus this week which takes place in February 2020. Rodriguez said that Harris must have a 3rd place finish in Iowa to still have strength in the primaries.

The Rest Of The Candidates Are Not Expected To Have Strong Showings

Some candidates touted by the Democratic party as ‘real hopefuls’ have pulled away from the pack. According to the poll New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has Minnesota Senator and Amy Klobuchar both have 3% support.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, and former congressman Beto O’Rourke, Tom Steyer, Andrew Yang have 2%. Several different polls have Warren with in the number 1 position. This comes after a series of blunders by former Vice President Joe Biden.


Warren has been revealing details of new policies she would implement if elected President. Her progressive view points has found her new favor with the Democratic party. She discussed a plan of how she would get rid of ‘Washington corruption’. A crowd of 20,000 people gathered at Washington Square Park, in New York City. While her recent number one showing in Iowa, other polls have her in the number 2 slot, nationwide, but steadily taking the lead from Biden.

Democrats Like Elizabeth Warren Because She Keeps Talking About Impeaching Donald Trump

Republican strategists theorize that Warren is gaining favor within the party because of ‘her non stop talk about impeaching the President. The strategists say she knows it’s impossible to impeach the President, but it makes her more popular so she keeps talking about it.

On Friday Warren said, ‘Congress is complicit in their refusal to start impeachment proceedings against the President’. Warren was asked about her stance on Trump during an Iowa stop on Saturday. She said, “Impeachment, it needs to be started now’.

Warren has begun to talk about impeachment non-stop in April after the Robert Mueller report was released. She said after the Mueller report, that ‘Congress had a duty to start impeachment proceedings’. Warren also said ‘the President continues to commit crimes because he knows the Department of Justice won’t do anything to him’.



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