Ed Buck-MAJOR Democratic Donor ‘Dangerous Predator’ Caught Running Drug Den in CA


Ed Buck MAJOR Democratic Donor Arrested For Running ‘A Drug Den’ After Many Anguished Protest Marches -Arrested On A Host Of Charges

A major contributor to Democratic candidates including Hilary Clinton was arrested after a public outcry. Buck,65, was arrested at his West Hollywood, CA apartment, for operating a drug den, and physically injecting men with drugs.

Two African American men were found dead in his apartment, prior to his arrest on Tuesday. The men died of drug overdoses, a third man also African American had an overdose but survived. Buck is openly gay and a LBGQT activist, has raised and given millions of dollars to the Democratic party.

He held a mega fundraiser for the past Governor of California Jerry Brown. After the first two deaths in his apartment were reported, people started protesting outside of Buck’s apartment building. They wanted justice, and said Buck was skirting the law, because he’s white and well connected and his victims are all black.

The police say Buck lured vulnerable men who were addicts and homeless to his apartment, He promised them drugs and shelter, and injected them with drugs around the clock.

Buck Was Charged With 3 Felonies, Assault leading To Death, Running A Drug House And Administrating Meth Amphetamine.

Ed Buck has an attorney, Seymour Amster, who declined to comment when reached by news sources. Buck was a professional model and actor, until he turned his sights to the Democratic party in the mid 80’s.

In a statement by LA District Attorney, Jackie Lacey read in part. ‘I’m deeply concerned for people whose life circumstances make them more vulnerable to crime’.


According to the legal filings, Buck is described as a ‘violent dangerous sexual predator, with no regard for human life’. Prosecutors claim that Buck has a pattern, he ‘lures only vulnerable men’. The bait that he dangles in from of them is money, drugs, and shelter.

Law enforcement (LE) said that Buck has been luring men in to his apartment ‘to indulge in his perverted sexual fetishes’. LE further explain that part of those fetishes involved administrating large amounts of drugs intravenously.

Since 2017 two men have been found dead in Buck’s apartment. Found near the bodies were large amounts of drugs and ‘sex toys’. LE decided not to press charges, because they had no evidence of foul play.

As Soon As Word Broke That There Would Be No Arrest, Black Activists Started Showing Up At Buck’s Apartment

Protesters with bullhorns and signs started showing up to Buck’s West Hollywood apartment demanding justices. Several said that if it were a black man’s apartment with two white victims he would have been arrested after the first death.

LE said that even after two men were found dead in his apartment, he continued to ‘hunt for victims’ They say ‘his malevolent behavior continued and even intensified’. LE said that Buck administered high amounts of drugs to a 37-year-old man, who became ill. The man left Buck’s apartment and went to a hospital to seek medical attention, and survived.

The man surprisingly returned to Buck’s apartment on September 11. Buck again administered large amounts of drugs. When the man became ill Buck tried to keep him in his apartment. The man was able to escape to a nearby gas station. He called 911, and again doctors were able to save his life. With this new incident, Lacey gave the word to file charges and arrest Buck.



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