Dr. Ronny Jackson Just Flipped


The media characterization of former White House Physician Dr. Ronny Jackson just flipped from “straight-shooter who wasn’t doing Trump’s bidding,” to someone who “was periodically intoxicated and mishandled prescription drugs.” All because he said “President Obama weaponized the highest levels of our government to spy on President Trump.” Worse, he declared, “Every Deep State traitor deserves to be brought to justice for their heinous actions.”

Democrats say he flipped his lid

Former Obama Intelligence official Tommy Vietor was quick to start the smear campaign. It’s really sad, Vietor tweets, “to watch him debase himself by lying for Trump and promoting this toxic bullshit.” The liberals are furious that someone they trusted stabbed them in the back. The only way they can diffuse his comments are to insist he flipped his lid.

It’s bad enough to progressives that Dr. Ronny Jackson is running for Congress as a Republican. Worse yet, he’s doing it in Texas. They thought they could count on him as a closet Democrat RINO but now they know they were sadly mistaken. The former White House doctor has totally embraced something that freaked out liberals are calling “the right-wing conspiracy, promoted by President Donald Trump.” The one where “President Barack Obama spied on Trump’s campaign.”

Progressive Democrats who worked right next to him in the administration are outraged. CNN calls them, “a little perplexed.” Jackson was long considered “even-minded, apolitical” and even “friendly with Obama.” Now Dr. Jackson actually is telling other people that “President Obama weaponized the highest levels of our government to spy on President Trump.”

Obama’s spooks are spooked

Dr. Jackson’s not just talking trash about Obama. He’s talking about his friends in the FBI, Justice Department and Intelligence community. “Every Deep State traitor deserves to be brought to justice for their heinous actions.” He’s not going to be invited to liberal Beltway dinner parties ever again. One of those spooks is Obama’s National Security Council spokesman, Tommy Vietor.

He observed that “Jackson and Obama got along well and had gotten to know each other during lengthy overseas trips.” Jackson was always hanging around the White House. He can’t remember a single time that Jackson ever even voiced a political view. Now, he’s flipped.

When Dr. Jackson took some heat after President Trump’s annual physical, Obama aides “rushed to his defense,” insisting, “he was a straight-shooter who wasn’t doing Trump’s bidding.” They didn’t like it when he claimed President Trump was in “excellent health.” Liberals wanted him to scold Trump for “evidence of heart disease and borderline obesity.”


The “Candyman” flipped pills like Pez

Now that their ally has flipped his loyalty to President Trump, his friends are rushing to throw him under the bus. They’re taking to social media to exclaim what a mistake it was to let him off lightly on some embarrassing drug allegations. Obama minions “privately defended Jackson when he was accused of distributing sleeping pills on long flights without prescriptions.” They all lined up to explain that calling him the “Candyman” was an exaggeration. He made their lives more convenient and after all, he is a doctor.

Now that he’s talking about hanging their friends for treason, everyone is suddenly reminding the press that he’s still under investigation by the Inspector General at the Defense Department for charges Dr. Jackson “was periodically intoxicated and mishandled prescription drugs.”

Jackson swears up and down the charges are “completely false and fabricated.” He isn’t about to back down. On Wednesday he issued a formal statement “regarding recent false accusations from former Obama officials and the mainstream media.” They can shove it, he asserts and flipped them the bird. “I stand by my comments calling out President Obama’s administration for weaponizing our government to spy on President Trump and his supporters.”

Was he replaced by an alien?

Jackson vows he “will never apologize for standing up to protect America’s national security interests and constitutional freedoms, even if that means triggering liberals and the ‘mainstream media.'” Not only that, He’s “proud to call President Trump a close friend.” He could care less if they think he flipped.

Liberals are triggered all right. Some suggest he might even be one of the alien “pod people,” who snatch bodies. “During my time in the White House Ronny Jackson was my colleague, my friend and my doctor. I thanked him in my book for his good care,” Alyssa Mastromonaco tapped out. According to the former deputy chief of staff, “his comments yesterday and today leave me confused, angry, and heartbroken. I don’t recognize this version of Ronny at all.”


  1. Shame on the scum who will not see fraud even when it is spitting on their face—–the Chicago thugs are know to be the worst amnion’s the worst———YUCK

  2. Sounds like the democrats have flipped because they are alien pod people. First, if the doctor wants to run as a republican, that is his business. If he wants to run as a democrat, that is his business. It is called freedom of choice. And my freedom of choice is not the democrats freedom of choice meaning, I don’t run around getting pegnant and than killing defenseless babies as woman’s health choice when she walks out with all her health while the baby is in pieces either being sold as body parts or thrown away in the garbage. Too bad the baby murdering democrats don’t bitch about that freedom of choice instead of the doctor’s freedom of choice. I have the feeling that even the alien pod people wouldn’t destroy their young like the democrats do, at least the pod people kill adults from another planet. Congratulations to the doctor for deciding to become political and I hope he does join President Trump.

  3. I worry this is another ploy to get a RINO in office. I feel this is all a setup and Dr. Jackson and the Dems are playing a game to make it look like he’s on Trump’s side and the Dems are saying mean things just to make us think it’s real. Just my thoughts! I hope not!

  4. A Trump administration official who hasn’t written a book telling how horrible Trump is seems to have the leftists really freaked out. Most of the other officials Trump hired soon came to realize that they make a bundle, get some TV time (lots of it, depending on how salacious their comments were) and all they had to do to say that Trump was stupid, incompetent, totally lost, that he had been threatened if he said how bad Trump’s health actually was or that Trump was out of his depth (any variation including ideas like these) and they would be guaranteed nightly slots on CNN and MSNBC and publishers would line up bidding for them to put their complaints in writing for at least a million dollars. Sadly, many of them took the bait and made the Democrats very happy, but Dr. Jackson missed the boat-good on him.

  5. Tommy Vietor, Dr. Jackson is right; you are wrong. wht’ more you have a liberal FOUL mouth, which shows your true liberal character ( ( the lack of it). So, just shut up!

  6. I think Dr. Jackson is an intelligent man to achieve the position that he held. When he gave the results of Pres. Trump’s medical exam he was told by Trump to tell them all of it and to answer all the questions they had. He would not sacrifice his career to make up a story or pretend he was a friend of the Presidents. He is being judged but alot of crooked people and we know they are and shouldn’t be judged by that bunch on anything. The democrats are running for their crooked lives and don’t care who they take down with them. I think there is such a thing as slander and I think its time the democrats were introduced to that law. They do it everytime they open their mouths. None of them had any reason to hate this President before he even took office. I think their concern was that he was a straight shooter with nothing to gain and they knew they would be exposed and that is exactly what has happened so they want to take down Ronnie and General Flynn just to get back at the President but its not going to work as THE PEOPLE are against them this time.


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