Dozens Cited in State Department’s Hillary Email Investigation

After two years, the State Department has finally completed its investigation.

Hillary Clinton

It is pretty amazing that we are more than six years removed from Hillary Clinton being the Secretary of State and are just now starting to find out just how irresponsible Hillary’s administration was during her time in office.

To that point, the State Department has finally wrapped up its internal investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal and 38 people, both past and present members of the State Department, have been cited for violations.

33,000 Emails

While the FBI under James Comey found no wrongdoing, the State Department did.

After scouring over 33,000 emails, the State Department found 91 cases where the 38 individuals cited were “culpable” for sending classified information to Hillary’s personal email.

Even though these violations were discovered, the State Department still issued the disclaimer that “no persuasive evidence of systemic, deliberate mishandling of classified information.”

So, I have to ask, why the hesitance within our own government to actually call this out for what it really was?

Why is everyone so scared to incriminate Hillary Clinton for wrongdoing?

Her staff sends classified information repeatedly to her personal email hosted on an unsecured server, but they say there is no “deliberate mishandling of classified information.”

The State Department said current employees may be disciplined for their actions, but gave no hint as to what that discipline would actually be.

Still No Justice

While this gives Americans some clarity on the subject, we are still not getting justice for the blatant mishandling of information by Hillary and her staffers.

Not only that, the way the State Department worded its conclusion, it gives Hillary more fodder to say this entire investigation into her was unwarranted because ultimately, they found no purposeful wrongdoing.

This is a woman that literally shattered cell phones with hammers and used professional scrubbing techniques to erase her servers, yet the investigation found no “deliberate” actions.

This is exactly why government agencies should not be investigating themselves at any time.

The FBI protected Hillary Clinton and now the State Department, even under Donald Trump, is protecting Hillary Clinton.

Quite frankly, it’s disgraceful and even though these individuals have been cited, the overall outcome is more than disappointing simply because it is not an honest conclusion based on the evidence presented in the investigation.


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