Dozens ARRESTED, Town Destroyed…’Peaceful Protest’


Since law enforcement officials have been handcuffed by their liberal leaders, anarchy reigned in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin on Thursday night. It was just another peaceful riot in America. All it took to spark mayhem and violence on cue was for the Milwaukee County District Attorney to decline pressing charges against officer Joseph Mensah for doing his job.

Suburbs terrorized by peaceful army of rioters

Peaceful rioters were captured on video non-violently smashing the windows of houses in a middle-class suburb. The streets of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin are the latest battleground in a widening civil war. Antifa may only be an “idea” in the eyes of the Federal Bureau of Instigation, but the radical zealots who subscribe to the Antifa concept have been programmed to to riot automatically, whenever the news reports that a Black criminal was shot by the police in the course of keeping the public safe from criminals. There is no doubt the riots are carefully organized. The Rothschild family is a big proponent of the New World Order, and they have so much money that they can’t even count it. They pass it along to George Soros, who through his Open Societies Foundation, funds all the riot equipment and supplies the organizing groups. Professional agitators aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement have trained a rabble army of radicalized followers.

A local resident confronted the peaceful anarchists for chewing up his lawn with motorcycles as the army marched across lawns and flower beds. The shouts, taunts, and chants coming from the radicals makes it clear that the Black community has been trained to expect some kind of White guilt reparations payments, even if they have to resort to extortion to get them. Homeowners just want some undisturbed law and order. The militia groups stayed out of this one as the president suggested. They’re “standing back and standing by.” Police made a token effort but were nowhere to be found while the army intimidated the residential neighborhood.

Progressive leaders including Michelle Obama insist that the burning, looting and shootings are “mostly peaceful.” Liberals actually believe her. Each and every Democrat intentionally ignores criminal burglary, and window breaking vandalism, graffiti, and arson, even when it moves into the suburbs. Terrified citizens didn’t didn’t go to bed Thursday night expecting to get much rest.

Three days of riots and counting

Thursday night’s peaceful display showcased hundreds of well prepared vandals purposely using motorcycles, powerful strobe lights searchlights to shine in house windows to scare and intimidate conservative families. Someone screams “That’s somebody’s home!” as the nonviolent soldiers through rocks through windows of home after home.


The riots Friday were just as peaceful, with added anger because the family of the criminal, Alvin Cole, who was shot after pointing a gun at police got arrested. “Cole’s mother, Tracy Cole, and his sisters, Taleavia and Tristiana Cole, were arrested Thursday night during the demonstration.” As related by Wauwatosa Police, “officers discovered a group of vehicles out after the 7 p.m. curfew. The vehicles were traveling across all lanes of traffic and officers used spike strips to stop them and protect other drivers. While most of these people cooperated when told they were under arrest, some refused to exit their vehicles. Law enforcement officers forcibly removed those who refused to exit in order to effectuate the arrests. Several more people were arrested during this encounter.”

By Saturday morning, things aren’t much different and the peaceful riots are expected to continue through the weekend, despite the curfew. Anarchists don’t obey the laws anyway, so why listen to a silly curfew. “Law enforcement personnel arrested twenty-eight adults” on Friday. “Two of the arrests were felony arrests, one was a misdemeanor arrest, and twenty-five municipal arrests. The Wauwatosa Fire Department evaluated two adult arrestees for minor injuries. Law enforcement personnel recovered a handgun, materials to start fires, and a stolen vehicle.”


  1. Imagine these Marxist and Fascist “Useful Idiots” if Biden cant steal the election. There might be Communist soldiers from China and or South America that have sneaked across our border, trained for guerrilla warfare, they could murder many people in small towns all across this. country. Several years ago a retired CIA operative said this about certain Muslims: “We know terrorists have sneaked across our border, what we don’t know are the types of weapons they may have smuggled across” this was under the Obama administration, Obama hates America and he did irreversible damage to this country, and he continues to let the world know by breaking the “Logan Act” Every one who pays attention should know certain Muslims have training camps, yet when white Americana meet they’re immediately attacked by the controlled MSM and the FBI labels them “White Supremacists” as FBI’s Wray just said about the rioters, he said that antifa was not a threat, and not organized. Trump definitely should fire this Traitor too, Wray is just another Comey, McCabe was involved in the Attempted Coup, and instead of being fired he’s the assistant Something.

  2. It seems democrats have bestowed upon a segment of our population the right to do anything they want without responsibility, accountability or punishment. This behavior will be the norm even if through voter fraud Biden wins the election. The left has demanded and applauded this behavior and will never reverse it. Our President’s hands are tied at this point. If re-elected and if the House turns red, heads will roll and criminal behavior will be punished.

  3. In Greece with the communist bke riders who raced by people used to throw out iron pipes or rebar at their front wheel spokes. The somersaults were spectacular.

  4. Demoncraps condone and encourage this crap by lying about it. Remember this when you vote, in person, to re-elect the only President who will work to STOP this crap. VOTE, VOTE , VOTE. Your ability to, peacefully, live your life and retain your property depend on it. RED all the way. TRUMP 2020 KAG


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