Doused and Set on Fire, She Crawls 2 Blocks to a Shelter

set on fire
set on fire

She was doused and set on fire, and then she crawled two blocks to a homeless shelter!

How could this have possibly happened to her? How did this play out? Here are the details:

Apparently, a 28-year-old Iowa woman got into an argument with another woman, allegedly over a man, and then she held the woman down, sprayed her with something extremely flammable, and then set her on fire and left her for dead!

However, even though this woman had been set on fire, she didn’t give up. Instead, she crawled at least two blocks to a homeless shelter, according to authorities in Pottawattamie County.

Christine Weilage, 37, was severely burned yet managed to crawl to a nearby homeless shelter at 4 a.m. this past Monday. The police arrested Council Bluffs resident Lindsy Maves a short time later, and they booked her on charges that included attempted murder.

WOWTV reported that the police that the only reason that Weilage was burned, assaulted, and left for dead after she argued with Maves was “due to a guy.” Authorities believe that Weilage and Maves knew each other and Weilage was reportedly transferred to a Nebraska hospital after she was found.

“On 6-14-21, at 4:34 AM, officers were called to 1435 No. 15th Street to investigate a female that was found in-front of this location with severe burns on her body. Officers, along with medical personnel from the Council Bluffs Fire Department, arrived on scene and the victim was immediately transported to University of Nebraska Medical Center UNMC for treatment,” said a press release on the case.


They eventually would transfer Weilage to St. Elizabeth’s Medical to be treated for severe burns.

After some investigation, the police ultimately determined that the scene of the crime was not where Weilage was found, but at a residence several blocks away.

Authorities said that a third party witnessed the incident.

“At this time the investigation shows that the victim, Christine Weilage, was involved in a disturbance with the suspect, Lindsy Maves,” the press release continued.

“At some time during this incident, Maves allegedly sprayed a flammable substance on Weilage and then lit her on fire. A witness to the incident attempted to put the fire out and while doing so Maves again attacked Weilage by hitting her in the face with an unknown object. Maves then left the area before officer’s (sic) arrival.”

Police said in an update that this suspect had been taken into custody at Pottawattamie County at 6:02 p.m., and she faces charges of attempted murder, first-degree arson with persons present, and willful injury resulting in serious injury.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Weilage’s medical costs that has now raised several thousand dollars.