Double Voting Scandal Exposed in Several Democrat States

Dem States and Double Voting Issues
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Another election, another voting scandal. Another example of improprieties in states run by Democrats. Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State, confirmed that double voting by mail occurred in the state’s 2020 Super Tuesday primary.

Double Voting Scandal in California

Citizens alerted the State ahead of time. But the response came weeks later.

In the days before Super Tuesday, Election Integrity Project California, a citizen watchdog group, sent a letter to Padilla. They requested that his office investigate possible cases of double voting in the 2020 primary election.

Over a month later, Padilla confirmed double voting in at least one case on Super Tuesday. There were also multiple suspected instances of double voting by other registered California voters.

Padilla said that in at least one confirmed case, that two ballots from a single voter were “opened and counted on election night.” And among the 15 other registered voters with “duplicate voting history”, Padilla wrote that 12 are “suspected to have cast two ballots for the March primary election.”

In yet two other cases, Secretary Padilla wrote that election officials in the county “caught the duplicate voter records prior to election day and only one vote was tallied.” He also said these findings are now in the hands of “investigators to follow-up as necessary with the voters.”

Citizens’ Group Protects the Democratic Process

To be clear, it was not government investigators who caught the improprieties, but concerned citizens.


Christian Adams, President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, says, “Election Integrity Project California has an incredible accomplishment here. Moving the California Secretary of State to share evidence of apparent double voting among duplicated registrants is a testament to their research methodology and judgment.

He continued, “Duplicate registration and voting is a growing problem nationally that is being confronted like seen here, New Mexico, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.”

How Bad is the Double Voting Problem?

Election Integrity Project California charges there are more than 30,000 duplicated registered voters on California’s voter rolls. Most of these duplicated-but-registered voters show the same name, birth date, and addresses on their registration forms. Other duplications show voters using both their maiden and married names to register twice. Still others use multiple home addresses.

Double Voting in Other States

California is not the only Democrat-run state with voter roll issues. PILF researchers recently stated that New Mexico has nearly 1,700 dead people on its registered voter rolls. The State also suspiciously lists another 1,519 voters who are 100-years-old or more. Finally, New Mexico flagged over 3,100 registered voters for duplicate registration issues.

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania has nearly-identical problems. PILF researchers identified almost 1,600 dead people on the County’s registered voter rolls. Another 7,500 were ineligible for duplication concerns. Over 1,500 registered voters in Allegheny County are supposedly 100 or older.

In Detroit, Michigan, nearly 5,000 voters are duplicate registrations. Another 2,500 dead people are on the list of registered voters.

Double Voting on a National Level?

Across the United States, there are 250 counties with more registered voters than there are eligible voters. And there are almost 3 million people who are registered to vote in more than one state. 

These explosive findings come precisely as elected Democrat officials strongly lobby for increased nationwide mail-in ballots for November’s Presidential Elections. However, improprieties are harder to catch in mail-in ballots.

Ballots in the hands of an estimated 24 million ineligible voters? That equates to 1 out of every 8 voters. 

That is precisely the plan of leading Democrats. Nancy Pelosi and her House cronies slipped a mail-in voting rider into the first draft of the coronavirus stimulus plan.

Luckily, it was not part of the final draft.

This is why Eric Eggers, author of “Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election”, says:

“You’ve got these paid political machines whose job it is to manipulate or to capitalize on these errors…”

Not surprisingly, the Brennan Center for Justice spearheads the national mail-in ballot initiative. George Soros is one of the Center’s primary financial supporters.




  1. I worked for Social Services on a voluntary basis while waiting for a disability determination. During that time I was handed a large box of I.D.’s of people who died and was shown to put them on micro film and them cut them in quarters and throw them in another box to be trashed. I thought it was to statistically keep track of who died. But they also had another person come in and put next to them any political party affiliations which I thought was weird but not my business. Now it all makes sense when Dead Democrats are voting !

  2. This is the main reason Democrats don’t want states to purge their voting rolls, they need these extra votes to win. Voter ID is the safest and only way along with paper ballots with a paper trail to vote. If it has to be done we may have to re register again to vote and with a proper legal document, no more utility bills, that some states take as ID, to be used to register. These items are found in garbage bins.

  3. the ones that doubled their votes needs to be charged and arrested and never vote again…no voter fraud, huh demoncraps?

  4. The Democraps can only win by cheating so this is not News. News would be those who have and are cheating being arrested for their TREASON and HANGED as the CONSTITUTION prescribes as the only punishment for TRAITORS. This is why Hitlery won the popular vote. We know in Texas, Pennsylvania and Detroit there were more than 100,000 ILLEGAL votes. We know because a Democrapic Poll worker Admitted to the Media that in the Alabama special election that he brought in bus loads of people to cast votes ILLEGALLY. We know a poll worker found that in Detroit Hitlery got more votes than there were voters in many districts and just Democrapic voters but ALL voters in those precincts. One of the voters who voted for Hitlery was that poll worker’s Uncles and he voted despite the FACT he has been dead 10 years before the 2016 election. So election fraud is a standard Democrapic tool for winning elections.

  5. Trump should push very hard legislation to finalize voter ID in all 50 states. The Dems keep telling us that their constituents many cannot get ID but common sense tells all of us that you need ID to do all other transactions such as travel, cash a check, buy alcohol and even to check into a hotel. Voter ID is the only way to insure we have honest fool proof elections. It’s time to make this a very high priority especially since the country is split politically almost 50/50 so a small margin could shift an election either way. Like the wall being built in Southern border states, Voter ID is a must.


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