Donald Trump SHOCKING CONFESSION… Supporters are STUNNED

Donald Trump
Photo via YouTube Video Screenshot

There has been one consistent with Donald Trump since he came into the political world.

He rarely, if ever, admits he made a mistake.

That changed just a bit this weekend, and I think it could actually help him.

Take It Back

Trump was on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo, and she asked the former president, “Is there is anything you could look back on in 16 that you think maybe you want to do differently?”

Trump responded, “The mistake would be people.

“I mean, I wouldn’t have put a guy like Bill Barr, and he was weak and pathetic.

“I wouldn’t have put Jeff Sessions.

“And there are some people that I wouldn’t have put in.

“You know, most people were good, but I had some people, we had Esper. I didn’t like him.

“He was incompetent. I thought we had other people I didn’t like.”

She asked the perfect follow-up, “Why did you put them in the job then?”

Trump again responded, “You put somebody in, and you think they are good.

“All of a sudden, I’m the president of the United States, and it’s like a different society.

“I was New York, and, you know, it was a different thing. So I didn’t know people. I became president.

“I’m riding down Pennsylvania Avenue with our first lady. I had 250 motorcycles. I had armies. I had everything.

“I said, do you believe it? We’re president. Take a look. This is wild, right? But I never was involved in that.”

That is about as close as you will ever hear from Trump to admitting a mistake.

I have always maintained that Trump had surrounded himself with the wrong people, many of whom helped him make these recommendations.

I would note, one of those people was Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who is still in Trump’s camp.

Trump needs to shed Graham, period, or swamp members will continue to permeate his administration (if re-elected).