Trump Jr. Calls Democratic Debate ‘A Socialist Free-For-All’


The Oldest Child Of The President Donald Trump Jr. Had A Lot To Say About Thursday’s Debate

Donald Trump Jr. stopped in on Fox & Friends on Friday to discuss his observations of the Democratic debates. The three hour debate held in Houston on Thursday night, had the top ten democratic contenders for party nomination.

Donald Jr. said the Democrats just want to criticize his father, He went on, they won’t acknowledge any of the good things his father has done. Donald Jr. said his father had made positive economic advances since taking office in 2017. He said over ‘6.2 million people were able to get off of food stamps since his father’s presidency’.

Trump Jr. went on to say the Democratic party is a party of ‘dependence’. The recently divorced Trump Jr. said that the ‘Democratic party wants people to be dependent on government, because they have nothing else to offer’.

Donald Trump Jr.: We Saw Nothing New Last Night, We Saw No Plans & That’s Scary For Them

Trump Jr was just starting with his alienation of the Democratic party, he said ‘the media does not hold them accountable’. ‘Their radical ideas go completely unchecked by most of the media’ the father of five said. Trump Jr. goes on saying ‘the party is just not being held accountable for anything they say’. ‘Anyone that ever challenges any of the parties radical ideas, is out right called a racist’.

He also declared that none of the Democratic candidates pose any type of threat to his father in 2020. Jr also lambasted Joe Biden. He said ‘that there are things they don’t tell you and they don’t want you to know’. ‘Joe Biden can’t go anywhere without a teleprompter, or an aide nearby. He’s losing it, day by day hour by hour’.

He cheerily said ‘if that’s the best the Dems have, then they have my father for four more years’.


When Asked If Joe Biden Would Be Harder To Beat Than A More Far Left Candidate

‘Fox & Friends’ host Ainsley Earnhardt asked Trump Jr. if he thought that Biden could be harder to beat than some others. He responded, “I think they’re both relatively easy to beat. I think it’s just different tactics. The reality is I don’t think anyone had some sort of break out performance”.

He also made an interesting comment referring to the candidate he thinks is the overall least impressive. One he mentions he thought would have been a more formidable candidate.

Former Attorney General of California now Senator Kamala Harris is the one that was underwhelming in Trump Jr.’s opinion. Trump Jr. says of Harris, ‘she’s just not genuine at all’. ‘Her soundbites don’t really work’. ‘She’s the only one that laughs at her own jokes’.

He also said that the Thursday night debates, was ‘a socialist free-for-all’. Trump Jr. a former registered Democrat, said everyone should be scared by their extremist ideas.



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