Domestic Terrorist Attempts to Blow up Local Synagogue


The DOJ happily announced that a Nazi White Supremacist in Pueblo, Colorado pleaded guilty to a terrorist bomb plot directed against a Jewish Synagogue. It’s suspiciously convenient since the FBI is trying to paint each and every White conservative as a Nazi determined to use the police as a tool to keep Black people repressed.

A handy terrorist on ice

Christopher Wray went out on a limb to claim that White Supremacists are much more of a threat than the army of innocent peaceful protesters looting and burning their way across America. Antifa isn’t even an organization, he insists. They just act like one. The Deep State FBI has been having a bad week, between the Hillary Clinton crimes and Hunter Biden’s laptop. To salvage a small amount of dignity, the FBI pulled terrorist Richard Holzer out of the hole they’ve been keeping him on ice in – to sign some paperwork. Then they put him back in his cell and headed off to face the TV cameras.

The FBI knows a lot more about what goes on in Facebook than they let on. They have an army of secret agents infiltrating every page, prowling through the comments to look for people unstable enough to consider committing terrorist crimes. Then they groom them. Under the guise of “monitoring,” undercover FBI operatives can subtly inject hints or suggestions to guide psychologically vulnerable people into acting on things which would never materialize if it wasn’t for help from the FBI. That seems to be what happened with Richard Holzer.

The FBI started focusing on terrorist anti-Semites in the wake of the mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Over the next year, they rounded up a dozen “in connection with plots or attacks against Jews,” including Holzer who they arrested in early November, 2019. They ran into Richard “earlier” in 2019, “when investigators noticed a string of hate-filled, anti-Semitic posts on social media.”

Agent posing as a white supremacist

To gain the confidence of their chosen terrorist, the FBI tricked him. “An undercover agent posing as a white supremacist reached out to Holzer on Facebook in late September.” Holzer fell for the bait. “After sending the agent pictures of himself holding guns and wearing swastikas and other white supremacist paraphernalia, Holzer bragged that he had tried to ‘hex and poison’ the water at the Temple Emanuel synagogue in 2018.” When the agent fished for details on that bold claim, Holzer claimed, “he paid a cook to put arsenic in the water pipes and that he intended to do it again on Halloween.” The cook was never mentioned again. The whole thing sounds like schizophrenic rambling.

It was apparent that Richard Holzer is clearly an uneducated savage with inappropriate fear of Jewish people, perfect for molding into a domestic terrorist. “Holzer used several Facebook accounts to promote white supremacy and racist violence in direct messages and group chats.” Facebook had no problem allowing him to post messages declaring he hated Jews “with a passion” and spoke about how he wanted to “die in a cop Shoot out.” He “allegedly told the undercover agent he was a former member of the Ku Klux Klan and a skinhead.” Just the kind of guy they were looking for. They set up a meeting.


In mid-October, “Holzer and a friend met with multiple undercover agents at a restaurant.” Holzer “talked about how he wanted to destroy the synagogue.” The terrorist intended to use Molotov cocktails. If he didn’t have the FBI to brag to, Richard would be home harmlessly ranting on Facebook. Instead, he was in a real life conspiracy with people who listened to what he had to say. “Oh no,” the FBI advised. “You need something better than that.” The FBI showed him the proper way to case the synagogue while they discussed “the possibility of using pipe bombs to inflict more damage.” They just happened to have the explosives ready to go. “The undercover agents offered to supply the bombs, and over the following days they exchanged messages about how to go about the attack.” After training him and arming him with fake explosives, the FBI arrested him. He’s been sitting in jail ever since. Now that White Supremacy is trendy, They pleaded him guilty as an excuse to hold a press conference.


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