DOJ Stuns House Committees Trying to Impeach Trump

DOJ lays down the law with Democrats.

William Barr

“We serve at the pleasure…”

That is a phrase we often hear about cabinet officials, including the Attorney General.

When Eric Holder told the media he was Obama’s wingman, nobody batted an eyelash.

Now that William Barr is defending his president, everyone is up in arms.

Well, they are really going to be furious now that the DOJ has informed House Democrats their subpoenas are considered to be “legally invalid” unless administration officials are allowed to have legal representation present while testifying.

Time to Play by the Rules

Ever since Democrats took over the House, they have been trying to rewrite the rules, but that is about to change.

The Department of Justice is finally standing up to this ridiculous impeachment inquiry and insisting Democrats follow the legal rules already in place.

As such, the DOJ announced, “Congressional committees participating in an impeachment inquiry may not validly compel executive branch witnesses to testify about matters that potentially involve information protected by executive privilege without the assistance of agency counsel.

“Congressional subpoenas that purport to require executive branch witnesses to appear without agency counsel in these circumstances are legally invalid and are not subject to civil or criminal enforcement.”

Additionally, the DOJ has determined that any subpoenas that were issued before the official impeachment inquiry vote took place are invalid because they were “not properly authorized.”

The statement read that the House “had not vested any committee in the current Congress with the authority to issue subpoenas in connection with an impeachment inquiry.

“As a result, subpoenas issued before that date purporting to be ‘pursuant to’ an impeachment inquiry were not properly authorized.”

It’s a New Day

Up until this week, the impeachment has been nothing more than a nuisance for this administration.

After the vote, however, things became much more serious.

With public hearings slated to start next week, this administration and Republicans in office need to be willing to roll up their sleeves and fight back with every trick they have or Democrats will be able to pull off the biggest coup this world has ever seen.


  1. Its about time Mr. Barr weighed in regarding this juvenile and chaotic impeachment attempt. Poor dems still haven’t found a crime in at least two years of looking. It stinks of corruption, and I believe it is past time to investigate the investigators, and lay down the law.

  2. I believe the democrats are trying to distract Barr from bigger problems. They’re scare to death that he’s going to find out all kinds of false propaganda against Trump. People from Obama administration including Obama. Top officials in the CIA, FBI and the rest of the scum. Also don’t forget the Clinton’s.

  3. Well, no one is talking about tye gas and oil deal Kerry was doing with Iran. You think all the Ukrainians on a flight from Tehran was by coincidence? They are doing the same thing that happened with Biden in the Ukraine. Ya don’t need Sherlock Holmes to figure that out for you.

    Iran found another oil formation that is in the tens of billions of barrels. It hit the news maybe two weeks ago, they have been onto it waaay before then and how much lag time is there from Iran to western news?

    Same crap dofferent day!


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