DOJ : Comey Leaked Classified Information

A Smirking Comey is Caught Red Handed

A New Report By The Department Of Justice (DOJ) Says Comey Leaked Sensitive Information

The DOJ in conjunction with the Office Of the Inspector General (OIG) released their formal report on what an investigation uncovered. The investigation on the former FBI director James Comey says that Comey has committed several serious violations. Those including stealing FBI classified documents, improperly disclosed FBI information.

The OIG also says Comey leaked classified information and violated several FBI polices. Comey was fired in May of 2017 by President Donald Trump, and the two have been trading jabs every since. The OIG said in their report that the employees of the FBI have a very important job. Their primary responsibility is to safe guard the inner workings of the FBI. The FBI has very important sensitive law enforcement information, and it’s paramount that these details are secure. The OIG said, James Comey ‘failed at his duties, and by doing so failed the people of the United States.’

DOJ Scathing Report Says Comey Set A Very Dangerous Example To Present & Future FBI Staff

The report states, “James Comey did not safeguard sensitive information obtained during this course of employment with the FBI. He used his position to create public pressure for official action.

DOJ “Comey set a dangerous example for over 35,000 current employees. His actions also effected thousands more former employees who also have knowledge to information not available to the public”. The leaked documents the report said were the property of the U.S. Government not Comey.

Comey was fired on May 9, 2017, and immediately starting leaking classified information. The report says this was an attempt by Comey to exact revenge against President Trump for firing him. Comey has testified that the information he complied on paid time with the FBI and on FBI computers were his own property. The OIG report clearly states what Comey used classified information that he had no right to leak. They also say that he violated many polices by leaking, and he broke federal law.

Comey Deliberately Lied About The Reports Being His Own Property The OIG Report Finds

The report also states, “Comey’s characterization of the memos as personal records finds no support and wholly incompatible with the laws. It also goes against the regulations and policies defining federal records and the terms of Comey’s employment.

“Comey’s action with respect to the memos violent department of the FBI employment agreement”. The report also indicated that Comey leaked information to at least three different people. It also revealed that Comey failed to disclose at least four leaked documents. This failure to disclose occurred after Comey was confronted at his home.

The report also finds fault with Comey’s lack of disclosing the leaked memos were housed in a safe at Comey’s home. This was discovered when several FBI officials raided Comey’s home on May 12, 2017. The report indicates that Comey had several chances to disclose everything that occurred and he failed to do so.


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