DNC Takes Another Heavy Blow, Police Departments Back Out of Convention


Antifa-inspired supporters can get as wild as they want at the DNC convention party in Milwaukee next month. Democrats just toked up a heavy hit of karma, and can blow it back out without the slightest fear of John Law spoiling their fun. Police decided to sit this one out, because they aren’t allowed to tear gas peaceful demonstrators anymore.

Police shred DNC security contracts

Enforcement of laws is unwelcome to liberal Democrats, so the law enforcement groups hired to protect the DNC convention decided to spend their time doing more productive things. At least three sizable Wisconsin police departments have backed out of their protection agreements, Fond du Lac, Franklin and West Allis.

The last straw was when the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission ordered Police Chief Alfonso Morales to alter public policy to ban the police use of tear gas and pepper spray to control crowds. The previous week, Morales was dragged over hot coals to defend using tear gas to control mobs of rioting looters. The DNC is thrilled by the new restrictions.

They won’t have to dodge tear gas or pepper spray on the way in to the DNC blowout set for the 17th-20th of August at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee. Attendees to the Democratic National Convention won’t have to worry about a single police officer murdering people of color during the event either. After the big three police groups backed out, it “cast doubts on the viability of the program, designed to bring about 1,000 officers from outside agencies.”

Decorating the walls with spray paint

Because fear for personal safety is only a White privilege illusion, all the peaceful Black Lives Matter delegates, the Antifa-anarchy wing, and the Socialist Bernie-Bros will happily peace-out, and become one big happy DNC. They’re all going to drink the Kool-aid and rally behind Creepy Joe Biden. All the police would do is keep folks from decorating the walls with spray paint. Can’t have fascism stomping on social issues like that. Black Murals Matter too.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, most Democrats will be attending from their parent’s basements. This year’s DNC blowout “has been scaled down to a mostly virtual event, with only about 300 people expected to attend in-person.” Joe Biden is planning to be one of them. He promises “he will be in Milwaukee to accept the nomination.”


Police officers are sure to organize watch parties during the DNC convention because they were expecting the anarchists outside to outnumber the conventioneers inside. They can’t wait to see what happens because they were all set “for potentially large protests in and around the venue.”

The chief in West Allis started getting concerned when Milwaukee’s Common Council “temporarily halted the purchase” of tear gas and pepper spray in mid-June. “Our concern is that in the event protests turn non-peaceful, such a policy would remove tools from officers that may otherwise be legal and justifiable to utilize in specific situations,” Deputy Chief Robert Fletcher explained. The DNC convention is expected to be one of those times where it would be used pretty heavily. Set your calendars and stay tuned.


  1. This convention may turn out to be like the 1968 convention where the DemocRat delegates were fighting each other and Dan Rather got beat up on the convention floor. The riots outside the convention hall were even worse.

    History repeats itself.


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