Disturbing Find at Dr’s Home That Performed Abortions on 10yr Old Little Girls


Remains Of 2246 Fetuses Found At The Home Of “Americas Most Prolific” Abortion Doctor Who Performed over 30k Abortion Procedures

The family of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer has been going through his home in Will County, IL. The home is 45 miles south of Chicago, there is no evidence that the abortions were performed at his house.

The remains of the fetuses which numbered 2,246, were preserved and found on the property. The Klopfer family notified the police as soon as the remains were located. Dr. Klopfer died on September 3, at the age of 75. The doctor was a very controversial abortion physician, who practiced in Indiana.

Klopfer lost his medical license in 2015 for not reporting an abortion he performed on a 13 year old girl and other issues. The Attorney General of Indiana said Klopfer performed 2,405 surgical and medical abortions between 2012 and 2013.

Klopfer was also accused of failing to provide counseling services to those he performed abortions on. The law in Indiana is that any doctor performing abortions must provide counseling.

Klopfer Performed Abortions On Two 13 Year Old Girls & Failed To Do The Proper Paperwork

A complaint was filed against Klopfer in January of 2016, for failing to provide any monitoring personal while performing abortions. Dr. Klopfer ran three different health clinics for women in South Bend, Indiana.

An attorney representing the family of Klopfer said the family is cooperating with law enforcement. As soon as the remains were found, they contacted the Will County Coroner’s office. They wanted to make sure the remains were removed from the property, properly. Klopfer began performing abortions in 1974, sources connected to the doctor said he performed over 30,000 total abortions.


After the coroner was contacted, they in turn called the state attorney and the Will County Sheriffs office. A team of detectives, crime scene investigators descended on the scene, and yellow crime tape was put up. The coroners office now has possession of all of the remains.

When Klopfer Was Faced With Felony & Misdemeanor Charges He revealed Disturbing Details

As Dr. Klopfer was being investigated for criminal charges related to his abortion clinics, he started to reveal details of his activities. He said he performed an abortion on a ten year old girl who was raped by a family member. After the abortion he allowed the girl to go home with her parents, who didn’t want to press charges.

Dr. Klopfer was a mandatory reporter of child abuse, he did not report the incident with the 10 year old. An August 2016 report on Dr. Klopfer, called him, “One Of American’s Most prolific abortion doctors”. The report said he performed abortions in multiple counties, for several decades, and it’s believed that he performed 30,000 legal abortions. However officials now say the real number of abortions Dr. Klopfer performed is now being investigated.

Indiana law requires that abortions must be reported within 6 months of the procedure. Abortions performed on girls 14 and under must be reported within 3 days.



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