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Conrad Murray is an individual who has an interesting and controversial background to say the least. The man is perhaps most well-known for being the disgraced former doctor of pop mega-star Michael Jackson and he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after the artist died an untimely death.

However, even though Dr. Murray did not fulfill his promise to “do no harm”, he is now coming forward to tell some stories about how Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson treated the man who pioneered “The Moonwalk” and had his tremendous “Thriller” album and hits such as “Billie Jean.” Needless to say, Murray says that Joe treated young Michael very horribly.

Conrad Murray has some unique insight into this whole situation simply because of the fact that he was Michael Jackson’s personal doctor for four years. They developed a close bond during that time, and Jackson started opening up to Dr. Murray about the mixed feelings he had about his father.

At the very least, Dr. Murray was a strong believer in corporal punishment. “Oh, it was awful,” Jackson allegedly said to Dr. Murray regarding his father’s abusive treatment. “It was more just a belt. It was cords, it was whatever he could find. He would think nothing of throwing me against the wall, hitting me, or whatever. Sometimes I could get away from him because I was too fast for him. Still, it wasn’t a good thing when he got to me. Not good at all.”

Of course, this situation gets a bit puzzling when you consider that Michael Jackson’s kids adored their grandfather. My only guess is that the man must have mellowed out a bit when he got older?

“Joe Jackson is always going to be an example of will power and sheer determination,” Prince Michael said in respect to his grandfather. “He by no means took the way that was easy, but he did what he thought was the best way for his family at that time.”

These allegations from Dr. Murray were shared in his 2016 memoir, “This Is It! The Secret Lives of Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson.” This well-known doctor also shared Joe Jackson’s pattern of abuse during the 2003 documentary “Living With Michael Jackson.”

After his memoir was published, Dr. Murray gave an interview with the Blast and he said that Joe Jackson was just about one of “the worst fathers to his children in history.” Although that’s a pretty heavy allegation, there is definitely more to the story that makes Dr. Murray feel this way even though he himself is now a convicted felon.

You see, according to Dr. Murray Joe Jackson was the epitome of greed as well because he forcefully had young Michael Jackson chemically castrated at the age of 12 so he wouldn’t lose his high-pitched voice even well into adulthood!

Thus, it would appear that Joe Jackson cared more about money than even his own children!

“I truly hope that the elder Mr. Jackson finds his redemption in hell,” Dr. Murray said. “The man had tremendous cruelty towards his own children.”

Although it’s difficult to say if what Dr. Murray is saying is true, there is no question that the man is in a good position to know about these details.

Michael Jackson was truly an amazing talent and a beloved entertainer the world over. One can only hope that he is at peace now.

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  1. DISGRACED FAMILY DOCTOR BREAKS SILENCE…REVEALS THE HORRIBLY ABUSIVE THING JOE JACKSON DID TO MICHAEL JACKSON… Chemically Castrate him… Wait Horribly Abusive??? But Chemical Castration is used daily by the LGBTQ and Other on their own children to force them into their confused parents desires of sexual perversion! Jus Sayin…


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