Details: ‘Peaceful Protesters’ With Armor and Weapons Leave Message for Americans


Fashionably armed and armored “peaceful” protesters blazed their message across Portland, Oregon, on Sunday night in flaming letters for all of America to see. Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt aren’t real popular these days, but despite their promises to enforce the laws, the police were powerless to stop the rioting mob of anarchists from waging violent destruction. The cops only managed to arrest three people all night long. It’s not surprising when their liberal bosses even made them tone down the tear gas warning.

New “peaceful” – shields, armor and improvised weapons

Chains, blow torches, and spray paint aren’t things most people would take to a “peaceful” protest. “Many in the group were wearing all black, masks, body armor, helmets, and were carrying shields.” At least one brought conventional firearms and others carried pepper spray. Road flares were used to calmly torch the Oregon Historical Society. “Bleep History!” They shout, while spraying “End America” in red paint on anything that doesn’t move. Lincoln is banging his head on the ground after BLM attacked Teddy Roosevelt with a blow torch.

Police promised to provide law and order but they didn’t do anything until it was much too late. Then, the well organized Black Lives Matter rabble army made fools of police for the rest of the night. Only three of their peaceful troops were captured, while they managed to cause millions more dollars in violent destruction. Of course, Portland was outraged by the federal help sent in by President Donald Trump.

Officials should have called off the protest when they noticed everyone was wearing body armor, but they acted like they didn’t have a clue. As the sun dipped low in the west, Black Lives Matter generals assembled their troops to allegedly “protest” Columbus Day. Bowing to liberal pressure, the day had already been re-purposed as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” The anarchists, (unaffiliated with Antifa – which is only an idea but not an organization,) took it a step further to make it a peaceful “Indigenous Peoples’ Day of Rage.” The cops considered it harmless.

Force of 300 assembled for the night’s mission

By 8:00 p.m., a force of around 300 was assembled downtown. Their pre-assigned mission for the night was to destroy and tear down statues. They came fully equipped for the job with paint, chains, and a blow torch, which they used to attack “statutes of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.” It’s not clear what the peaceful mob had against the “Teddy Bear” of a president but “red paint was thrown on the Roosevelt monument and a blowtorch was used in an attempt to destroy the statue’s base.” They used chains to pull down Lincoln and leave him looking like he’s banging his head against the floor, as he would be doing if he could see what they’ve done.

Police tapped out updates on Twitter as the peaceful night progressed. “A mass gathering has formed at Southwest Park Avenue and Southwest Madison Street, where some are trying to pull down a statue with a chain. To those taking part: anyone involved in criminal behavior, including vandalism, is subject to arrest or citation.” Nobody listened and nothing happened. They warned again. “Failure to adhere to this direction may subject you to citation, arrest, and crowd control agents including but not limited to tear gas and impact weapons.”

Then they got slapped on the wrist by the Mayor and had to quickly tweet a correction. “Portland Police will adhere to a prohibition on use of CS gas, but a warning using the general term ‘tear gas’ is required by state law.” The other side can throw all the gasoline they want, but the cops aren’t allowed to use standard riot control methods. The rioters simply ignored police and about two hours after it all started, the peaceful violence and vandalism broke out. The police went back on Twitter to report they were going to try to stop it, sort of. “We have gotten reports of windows being broken in numerous buildings. The gathering has been declared a riot.”

The peaceful rioters ignored police

The crowd didn’t listen so they asked again. “To those marching downtown: this has been declared a RIOT. All persons must immediately disperse to the NORTH. Failure to adhere to this order may subject you to arrest, citation, or crowd control agents, including, but not limited to tear gas and impact weapons.” The peaceful rioters ignored them and decided to burn down the Historical Society instead. They smashed the building’s windows and tossed in three road flares, spraying “F-K history” on the side of the building. Then they headed for the police station, painting “All Cops Are Bastards” and “End America” on everything they could reach on the way.

The violently peaceful mob smashed windows and vandalized the local police station, aka, “Portland State University Campus Public Safety office,” while the police watched. After an entire night of unchallenged violence and destruction causing millions of dollars in property damage on top of the destruction the city has already suffered, police managed to accidentally arrest three people.

“Malik Muhamad, 23, of Portland – criminal mischief in the first degree (6 counts), riot, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a loaded firearm in public; Justin Bowen, 25, of Portland — assault in the fourth Degree (2 counts), unlawful use of pepper spray; Brandon Bartells, 38, of Washington — criminal mischief in the first degree, reckless endangering.” All of these peaceful suspects are of course considered innocent until convicted, if they ever actually go to trial. They are expected to be released in time for tonight’s regularly scheduled riot.


  1. They should do an article about the day all the men left Portland. Evidently, there is not a one left there.
    Maybe the remaining women and people not sure of their gender, could take up arms and stop this destruction of their home town.

  2. I support the Police 100% but, at this point, they might as well fall in and help these scum bag dogs. If they arrest them, the totally useless demoncrap mayor will just have them released. It must be really soul destroying to have your hands tied, when all you want to do is protect people and property. You know……Your job.

  3. First off police should tell the LIBERAL IDIOTS in Government to shove their IGNORANCE up their RECTUMS where they have their heads. Then open fire on those rioting and use maximum lethal force. Any survivors should get a mercy shot to the base of the skull via shotgun. Until police stop letting MORONS tell them how to do their jobs and start doing their job these riots will go on. Federal officers need to arrest those in power in everyone of these cities and charge them as accessories to every crime the rioters committed. Then they should be made to pay for not only the damages but every penny spent on them while in office.


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