Despite Widespread Election FRAUD Evidence, Democrat Wifebeater-Child Abuser Warnock and Chicom SELLOUT Ossoff STEAL Georgia Elections


In a tragic turn of events, Democrat radicals Warnock and Ossoff have stolen the Georgia Senate elections. 

Georgia Sees A Dark Day

In one case, 31,000 votes were stolen in real-time which was caught by conservatives who were watching the battleground election happen.  

Kevin McCullough tweeted:

“In one instance we’ve caught 31k votes being stolen in real time, here’s a separate instance, 5000k votes even just evaporate. @reuters in real time caught both of these changes as well… that’s now 36,000 votes *poof.* (Exactly how Dominion was designed to work.)”

Voter Fraud Found

Coincidences so unfathomable cannot truly be coincidences. Bill Mitchell points this out on Twitter:

“Biden cheated and got 72.6% in Fulton County. Warnock got 72.6% in Fulton County. Biden cheated and got 83.2% in DeKalb County. Warnock got 83.2% in DeKalb County.”


Dominion voting system machines have been used to help steal the election and now this was made even more evident in the Georgia runoffs.

If things do play out how the fake news mainstream media is claiming, that means Democrats will have the presidency, the House and the Senate given no room for Americans to ever have constitutional freedoms again.

Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock supposedly beat their Republican competitors David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

Hearsay in What Actually Happened

As Breitbart News reports:

“The Democrats’ twin victories in Georgia represented a striking shift in the state’s politics as the swelling number of diverse, college-educated voters flex their power in the heart of the Deep South. They also cemented the transformation of Georgia, once a solidly Republican state, into one of the nation’s premier battlegrounds for the foreseeable future.

In an emotional address early Wednesday, Warnock vowed to work for all Georgians whether they voted for him or not, citing his personal experience with the American dream. His mother, he said, used to pick “somebody else’s cotton” as a teenager.”

However, it appears that the reason listed by Breitbart isn’t true and that voter fraud is the reason for the Democrats’ win.


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