Deplorable Farmer Targeted By Clinton Obama Arsonists


A Trump-supporting farmer was the target of a hateful Democrat-led attack on his farm equipment.

Trump-Supporting Farmer Targetted

As a fourth-generation farmer, Jonathan Rempel has a vast knowledge of growing crops.

The Nebraska native is a supporter of President Donald Trump and had Trump flags flying from his tractor and combine.

While he was taking his children to school, he received a devastating call from the volunteer fire department.

The farmer was told that his tractor and combine were purposely set on fire. His two semis were also torched.

Harvest season is at its peak, making the loss due to the arson even worse.

“We are devastated and crushed by the enormous loss we face from this fire, but at the same time are incredibly blessed to be from rural America, where the people are the best,” Mr. Rempel wrote on Facebook.

Neighbors Rally Support

The farming family received an outpouring of support from neighbors.

“These people are already stretched thin, are stressed and tired, but are taking time to reach out, and offer help and aid in a time of need. We are so incredibly blessed by everyone,” he wrote.

An investigation is underway and the state fire marshal and local authorities are conducting an analysis of the details.

The speculation is that this was an attack from the left because of the Trump flags being flown. However, there is no concrete evidence at this point to fully support that narrative.

Trump Supporters Become Victims of Hate Crimes

Trump supporters have been increasingly targeted this year, with some even being gunned down in the streets.

Leftist rioters have stormed cities across the United States, destroying private property and causing chaos.

Democrat politicians have done nothing to stop this and some have even publicly encouraged the destructive and hateful actions.

While the farmer is waiting for justice, a Go Fund Me page has been set up for the Rempel family to help them through this hard time.


  1. This is why you carry your weapon with you every where . It should be league to carry open all the time cause of the delusional democrats . This farmer cause lose everything just so the crazy delusional democrats can win the election . This could be anyone cause of the delusional democrats . Carrying open would stop this BS real fast . Or just start killing the delusional democrats befor they can act again .

  2. I hope they catch these leftist creeps and destroy their lives for what they’ve done!
    The jerks deserve nothing but the worst!!

  3. To Communist anarchists and black lives matter domestic terrorist scum do not attempt your un-American terrorism against my farm–I am armed and have over seventy years experience with firearms! I am loaded and locked 7/24…

  4. They should charge whoever did this VILE EVIL ACT with a HATE CRIME. They should also make them buy this man every thing he lost as well as pay off the items they destroyed so he does not have to pay for what was destroyed.


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