Democrats Surprising Reaction to al-Baghdadi Killing

Dems react to the killing of al-Baghdadi.

Democrat reaction to al-baghdadi killing

We have been waiting to hear how Democrats would react to the successful raid and killing of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi.

Democrats were surprisingly happy with the overall outcome, although that did not stop them from taking some veiled shots at Trump in the process.

Out of the Loop

President Trump kept the operational details of the attack very close to the vest.

Normally, key congressional members would have been told, but not here.

As far as Trump was concerned, the operation had too many risk factors to even chance the possibility of a leak.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) used very measured words to offer congratulations to our military while at the same time hitting Trump with a veiled shot.

Pelosi stated, “Russians but not top congressional leaders were notified of the raid in advance.

“Our military and allies deserve strong, smart, and strategic leadership from Washington.”

Her implication was clear in that Trump’s move to discuss the operation with Russia was NOT strong leadership.

This issue was actually addressed by Trump, with the President stating Russians only knew we needed their airspace, so they were contacted for approval and were never given the full details of the raid other than being told they would be happy with the outcome.

When Senator Schumer (D-N.Y.)was asked about the attack, he stated, “I didn’t know. I saw it on TV.

“My reaction? Look, it’s great that we’ve gotten al-Baghdadi and killed him. He’s a dangerous man, an evil man. The fight against ISIS has to continue.”

“I look forward to receiving a briefing about this raid and the plan to deal with the escaped ISIS prisoners.”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was a bit more measured than Pelosi, but he was clearly not happy he was not informed of the attack.

He stated, “Had this escalated, had something gone wrong, had we gotten into a firefight with the Russians, it’s to the administration’s advantage to say, ‘We informed Congress we were going in, they were aware of the risks. We at least gave them the chance to provide feedback’.

“That wasn’t done here. I think that’s a mistake, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that it was a success and a ruthless killer has been taken off the battlefield.”

While both Schumer and Schiff were more moderate on their comments, clearly Pelosi is pissed and we can expect her to somehow use this attack against Trump.

There simply is no way she will allow him to enjoy this moment.

Republican Support

In contrast to the measured words by Democrats, key Republicans were ecstatic with the outcome of the operation, even though they too were kept in the dark.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who has been critical of Trump’s Syrian policy, stated, “The President changed the rules of engagement. This is a moment where President Trump’s worst critics should say: well done, Mr. President.”

Senator McConnell (R-KY), who is also opposed to Trump’s Syrian policy, stated, “I applaud President Trump’s announcement that U.S. special forces have eliminated ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“The world’s most wanted man has been brought to justice. The world is a safer place today.

“This victory for the U.S. and our many counterterrorism partners is a significant step for the campaign against ISIS, for the future of the Middle East, and for the safety of the American people and free people around the world.”

This is a huge moment for America and the world, for that matter, as one of the most notorious terrorists in the world is no longer breathing.

Democrats should be celebrating, but Pelosi clearly plans on somehow trying to flip this narrative to create yet another negative attack on Trump.

Trump is right… Pelosi is a third-rate politician.


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