Democrats Put Secret Plan in Play to Take Over Presidency

The plan has finally been revealed.

Oval Office

For many conservatives, the plan for Democrats has always been to figure out a way to remove both Trump and Pence from office so they could take over the White House.

Today, it appears as though that plan has finally been put into action.

Jennifer Williams, a high-ranking aide on Pence’s staff, has been called before House committees in the hope she can implicate Pence in the alleged quid pro quo with Ukraine.

Taking Out Pence

While many in the Democrat party believe Pence would be far easier to work with than Trump as well as far easier to defeat in a general election, the ideal situation would be to remove them both from office before the next election.

Pence has kept his nose clean, but by calling in Williams, they are clearly hoping to put Pence’s name on the impeachment documents.

Williams reports directly to General Kellogg, who advises Pence on national security issues.

She was one of the two dozen or so people listening in on the Ukraine call Trump made at the end of July.

While it is believed Williams had some concerns about the call, it has been widely reported she never vocalized those concerns to General Kellogg.

To be clear, Pence was not on that particular call, but Pence has had visits and phone conversations with the Ukrainian president.

So, Democrats will try to portray Pence as doing Trump’s dirty work in the alleged quid pro quo.

If They Can Remove Pence…

If Pence is implicated, it starts to get really interesting in terms of where all this will lead.

The House Speaker is third overall in line for the Oval Office, behind only the sitting president and sitting vice president.

So, if Democrats are successful in taking out both Pence and Trump, guess who is sitting in the Oval Office the next day barking out orders? That would be none other than Nancy Pelosi, which many believe has been the plan of Democrats all along.

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