Democrats Aren’t Even Backing Biden’s Latest Banana Republic Pick


Even Democrats hell-bent on turning all of North, Central, and South America into one big banana republic don’t want anything to do with the whack job His Wisdom picked to head the Office of Management and Budget. Bernie Sanders went postal on Wednesday.

Democrats call her ‘inept’

Neera Tanden should be confirmed alright, the card carrying member of the Socialist Party from Vermont, Bernie Sanders insists.

She should be confirmed as a psychopath. He’s usually sitting quietly somewhere in the background letting Democrats run the show in their hearings but this time, Bernie woke up and got feisty. He really took the mittens off.

Democrats in general consider Neera Tanden way too “inept, off-putting, and vicious” to be Secretary of the Office of Management and Budget. She used to work for the Clintons, and indirectly for Soros, so was expected to have the job locked.

After day one of her confirmation hearing was held behind closed doors, Tanden was “invited” to join the Senators for the second day. They strapped her into the chair. Bernie Sanders took out the blowtorch he had primed and ready, just for her.

Because she has an extensive past history of “lobbing incendiary attacks against virtually everyone over the years,” including Democrats, the grilling she got on Wednesday was “an uncomfortable one for her.”


The 50-year-old liberal “political operative” was relentless with the way she hounded Sanders in his race against their beloved Hillary Clinton. “Russia did a lot more to help Bernie than the DNC’s random internal emails did to help Hillary,” she once tapped out on Twitter.

88,000 Tweets, mostly purged

As Herman Cain points out, her Twitter feed “makes former President Donald Trump’s now-banned one look like it was run by Mr. Rogers.” She didn’t make Democrats happy with what she had to say about Politico. Many of her 88,000 tweets “have since been purged from her account and are not appropriate to repeat.”

One that can be repeated is the one where she called Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell “Voldemort.” In another, when Rupert Murdoch’s house had caught fire, she tweeted, “There’s a God. And she’s unhappy.”

She thought she was safe among Democrats on Wednesday, then she faced off against Bernie and he threw back some of her political grenades. “Your attacks were not just made against Republicans. There were vicious attacks against progressives, people who I have worked with, me personally,” he began, warming up his torture tools.

“So as you come before this committee to assume a very important role in the United States government at a time when we need serious work on serious issues and not personal attacks on anybody, whether they’re on the left or the right, can you reflect a little bit about some of your decisions and the personal statements that you have made in recent years?”

Bernie Sanders had Tanden literally squirming to avoid his verbal assault. She managed to choke out an apology to the entire body but nobody, not even the Democrats, bought it.

“I recognize that my language and my expressions on social media, you know, caused hurt to people, and I feel badly about that. And I really regret it and I recognize that it’s really important for me to demonstrate that I can work with others.” Yeah, right, John Kennedy of Louisiana challenged. “You called Sanders everything but an ignorant s–t.”


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