Democrat Witness Caught in Massive Lie Before Congress

Congressional Hearing

Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, was not exactly forthcoming when answering questions during her earlier testimony.

Recently discovered emails have revealed she lied regarding her communications with Democrat staffers prior to her testimony before Congress.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

During Yovanovitch’s testimony, she stated she had received an email from a congressional staffer but that she has never responded to it.

While under oath, she stated, “They wanted me to come in and talk about, I guess, the circumstances of my departure.

“I alerted the State Department, because I’m still an employee, and so, matters are generally handled through the State Department.”

 “So, she emailed me. I alerted the State Department and, you know, asked them to handle the correspondence.

“And, she emailed me again and said, you know, ‘Who should I be in touch with?'”

Yovanovitch stated she never responded to the first email and was very specific in her testimony that she did not reply to the follow-up email referenced above, either.


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, however, was able to find evidence to the contrary.

The initial email, which was sent on August 14, was responded to by Yovanovich.

According to the Carlson report, she had responded to the sender that she “would love to reconnect and look forward to chatting with you.”

That email, which was sent by Laura Carey, stated that Carey knew Yovanovich when she was “detailed” to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

She also noted that she had left her position at the State Department and was now working for the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Carey would go on to say, “I’m writing to see if you would have time to meet up for a chat — in particular, I’m hoping to discuss some Ukraine-related oversight questions we are exploring.

“I’d appreciate the chance to ground-truth a few pieces of information with you, some of which are quite delicate/time-sensitive and, thus, we want to make sure we get them right.”

“Could you let me know if you have any time this week or next to connect? Happy to come to a place of your choosing, or if easier, to speak by phone at either of the numbers below. I’m also around this weekend if meeting up over coffee works.”

The next day, Yovanovitch responded, “Thanks for reaching out — and congratulations on your new job. I would love to reconnect and look forward to chatting with you. I have let EUR [Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs] know that you are interested in talking and they will be in touch with you shortly.”

Four days later, on August 19, Carey sent her response, “Great — thanks for the response and I look forward to hearing from them. As mentioned, it would be ideal to connect this week… assuming this week is doable for you schedule-wise?”

Rep. Lee Zeldin sent out a tweet revealing the back and forth between the two…

This is a blatant lie by Yovanovitch, so what other information was she presenting falsely?

Dems are already trying to spin this as though Yovanovitch has done nothing wrong.

A statement from the House Foreign Affairs Committee stated, “The committee wanted to hear from an ambassador whose assignment was cut short under unusual circumstances.

“This staff outreach was part of monthslong efforts that culminated in the September 9 launch of an investigation into these events. Congress has a constitutional duty to conduct oversight.

“The State Department doesn’t tell Congress how to do that job, and should be more concerned with the culture of retaliation and impunity that has festered under this administration.”

So, just to be clear, a respected general can have his career ended and face national disgrace for forgetting the timeline of events, but a Democrat witness is allowed to lie under oath in an impeachment investigation?

Once again, Democrats are proving they simply do not believe they have to play by the rules.

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