Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock Under is Now Under Investigation

Warnock georgia investigation fraud

Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is under investigation in his own state over allegations that an organization that he was a part of engaged in voter registration misconduct.

The Democrats stole the Georgia election

The Georgia State Election Board voted unanimously on Wednesday, 3-0, to move forward with an investigation into the organization, which was founded by left-wing activist Stacey Abrams, over allegations that the organization did not follow deadlines.

“Warnock, a Democrat elected last month to the U.S. Senate, is named as a respondent in the case because he was listed as the CEO for the New Georgia Project at the time,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, later adding that the organization claims that its own documents misidentified Warnock as the CEO when he was board chairman.

“Representatives of the New Georgia Project hand-delivered 1,268 voter registration applications to the Gwinnett County elections office beyond the time allowed,” AJC added. “State election rules require voter registration organizations to submit completed applications within 10 days after they were received from the voter.”

AJC noted that another case involving the group that Abrams created remains open. The case alleges “contractors for the New Georgia Project forged signatures and submitted incomplete forms.”

Warnock is just another corrupt Democrat

While some may see the investigation as politically motivated, it’s worth noting that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger launched an investigation of President Donald Trump’s phone call with Georgia election officials earlier this year in which Trump urged them to “find” additional votes. It’s also worth noting that those same officials repeatedly rebuffed claims from Trump that there was widespread voter fraud in the state.


“The investigation was prompted by a complaint from George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf III,” AJC reported separately. “By opening the inquiry, the secretary of state’s law enforcement investigators will be looking into allegations involving Raffensperger, who is their boss. Election investigations can take months or years before they’re referred to the State Election Board, where Raffensperger is the chairman.”

During the campaign, Warnock was criticized repeatedly over radical statements that he made while he was pastor and by multiples scandals, including accusations of abuse that allegedly happened at a camp that he oversaw and a domestic dispute with his ex-wife to which law enforcement had to respond.


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