Democrat Presidential Candidate Claims Primaries ‘Rigged,’ Threatens Debate Boycott

DNC corruption exposed!


Well, well, well, it looks like some of the non-establishment candidates in the Democrat party are finally starting to see the light.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is now saying she may boycott the next Democrat debate because the media is “rigging” the election.

Hijacking the Election

It is no secret who the media wants to win this primary election… Joe Biden.

How else can you justify the lack of scrutiny he gets by the media regarding the business dealings of his son.

Not only is the media avoiding any accountability on Biden’s part, but certain candidates are being given preference during these debates.

Point being, dark horses like Gabbard are less likely to have their opinions heard and, therefore, stand little chance of success.

Gabbard is willing to put her money where her mouth is and is now openly calling out the corruption within the media and her own party…

Business as Usual for Democrats

Honestly, nobody should be all that surprised at what the Dems are trying to pull off this year.

That party has never been about who Americans want to represent them but rather who the party wants in power.

We saw this in 2016 when the primary election was over before it ever got started due to the Super Delegates that had committed to Hillary Clinton.

The primary was a show for the people because everyone in the country knew Hillary was going to get that nomination no matter what.

Last Chance

Honestly, as a conservative, I want Gabbard in this debate because she has exposed Democrats for who they truly are.

She has singlehandedly ended Kamala Harris’ run at the presidency, taking her from a co-favorite to one of the bottom dwellers after exposing her record as a prosecutor.

Sadly, this may be Gabbard’s last opportunity to make in impression, as she has yet to hit the required numbers to be eligible for the November debate.

This is now two straight elections where candidates are telling the American people their own party is rigged and corrupt, but will anyone actually listen or will they once again allow the DNC to force-feed them its presidential candidate of choice?


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