Democrat Mayor Begins Going Door to Door to Help Push the Chinese Agenda


The liberal Democrat Mayor of Camden, New Jersey picked a controversial way to spread the globalist vaccine agenda around and make things easier on China for the World Health Organization. He dared to canvass the neighborhood door to door, rousing the rabble at the top of his lungs, through a bullhorn for extra added decibels. He was so loud his message got distorted. Even the ones who heard what he said were disturbed by it, one way or another. Either browbeaten into compliance and getting a vaccine shot on the spot, promising to get one soon, or disturbed about the intrusion of their privacy.

Mayor tests gestapo methods

What did that man just yell through a bullhorn? No, it wasn’t “we’re coming FOR you,” it was “TO you.” Some say the difference is only a matter of time and this was just a dry run to see how the public would react.

They didn’t start throwing paving stones at Mayor Victor Carstarphen, but some of the locals were thinking about it. He first mentioned his scheme on the radio then carried out his threat two days later.

On Thursday, August 6, Mayor Carstarphen “walked the streets of Camden, bullhorn in hand, to talk to residents who are hesitant to get vaccinated.” He claims his motto is “go where the community is.” Go there and tell everyone to do what he says or be shamed into submission in front of their neighbors.

Liberals who listen to the Deep State are convinced that anyone refusing a vaccine is intentionally trying to kill them personally. On the other side of the issue, people question the effectiveness of the untested vaccines versus their safety. It should be a personal choice.

Mayor Carstarphen wants to take that choice away from you. Not by force at the end of a gun, yet, but by simple methods of persuasion. The way McDonald’s likes to persuade you to buy Big Mac’s, through advertising.

He decided to take his shill show on the road in a “navy blue suit and crisp white shirt.” He was especially careful to yell “into his bullhorn so that his message could be heard loud and clear.”

Totally unexpected

He was extremely careful with the words he chose to scream at the top of his bullhorn, the mayor didn’t say “you,” he said “we” have “to get the vaccination shot!” As he sallied forth along Carl Miller Boulevard.

He’s terrified that “Only 50% of adults in the city are fully vaccinated.” The residents were left stunned by the show of liberal force. “I didn’t expect that,” Camden resident Kenneth Russ declared after the circus parade had gone by. “Not in Camden, anyway.”

The mayor was infected by a spike in his sense of urgency when he heard the news “Camden County announced that daily cases of COVID-19 nearly doubled in one week.” He thinks vaccines will help, silly fool.

The vast majority of those cases are the new and improved Delta variant which looks at all the various blends of vaccine and laughs, before starting an orgy of breeding in your body. Once the fiesta gets really swinging Delta jumps out to infect your relatives. Even the ones just as fully vaccinated.

Mayor Carstarphen and his team knocked on the doors of “2,000 houses.” Looked in the windows, made notes about the state of the lawn, number of pets, indications of children… The best part is that the “program bringing vaccines door-to-door is supported by a grant through the New Jersey Health Initiatives.” George Soros’ money is still at work, even if he has crawled away to die quietly in the deep shadows of the deep state.

When the visiting vaccinators walked up to Kenneth Russ and his son, sitting on their stoop, and tried to peddle their wares, what they heard in response was “I don’t know about that.” The nursing student wasn’t phased. “It’s okay if they don’t get the vaccine today,” he said. “The more we have the conversation, we hope the more likely it is they’ll get vaccinated.” The more you see the Big Mac commercial, the more likely you’ll be to buy a Big Mac. That’s simply how it works. The only hope for humanity is to unplug your television now. Then keep spreading the word. After getting back from buying that Big Mac I just made you crave, of course.