Democrat Impeachment Witness Tied to Bloomberg News, Lies Under Oath

Noah Feldman
Photo via CBS News YouTube Video Screenshot

The four witnesses called today to testify were supposed to be constitutional experts with no bias.

At least one witness, however, is nothing more than a Democrat mouthpiece.

That same witness not only has ties to presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s news agency, he may have also just lied under oath.

The So-Called Unbiased Expert

Noah Feldman is a law professor at Harvard University.

He is one of four constitutional “experts” testifying today.

While I cannot speak to the other three just yet, I was able to dig up some dirt on Feldman that brings into question his integrity and honesty during these proceedings.

Feldman, while testifying, called himself an “impeachment skeptic.”

We can take this to mean that he was approaching the Trump presidency with an open mind.

He stated that the July 25 phone call is what changed his mind.

However, I just located an article on, the news outlet owned by Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, that was penned on March 6, 2017, with the headline, “Trump’s Wiretap Tweets Raise Risk of Impeachment.”

The sub-headline on the article is the really damning statement, though, reading, “If the president has made false claims of a crime without proof, there’s only one constitutional remedy.”

Clearly, Feldman was looking at impeachment more than 18 months ago, which would make his statement on the stand a complete lie.

Not only that, if he is contributing on, he is being paid, which would put him in the pocket of a presidential candidate, yet he has been allowed to testify during an impeachment hearing for the removal of a Republican president.

If he is not being paid, he is being given a major platform to raise his profile free of charge. 

If this were related to an election, it would be considered an in-kind donation. 

Point being, even if it is not monetary, he is receiving some sort of compensation for his contribution to the website. Either way, he is indebted to Bloomberg. 

Now I would not exactly call that an unbiased witness, would you?

Bizarre Statement

Before I leave you, you have to see the statement Feldman made when he recommended impeachment for Trump.

He literally warned people of the price they will have to pay in the afterlife if they do not impeach Trump.

Feldman stated, “It’s very unusual for the framers’ predictions to come true that precisely, and when they do, we have to ask ourselves.

“Someday, we will no longer be alive, and we will go wherever it is we go, the good place or the other place, and we may meet there Madison and Hamilton.

“And they will ask us, ‘When the president of the United States acted to corrupt the structure of the republic, what did you do?’

“And our answer to that question must be that we followed the guidance of the framers, and it must be that if the evidence supports that conclusion, that the House of Representatives moves to impeach him.”

He is literally speculating what our Framers and Founders, people that have been dead for centuries and individuals he did not obviously personally know or ever met, are thinking. 

This man sounds as though he belongs in a white coat with his arms strapped around his back, not sitting in front of a House committee with the fate of sitting president hanging on his testimony.


    • I have NEWS for Mr’ “Fell, Fail, Flail-Man! When we leave this world, we have two choices! Either; Heaven or Hell! IF; By our deeds ignoring the promises/punishments of God and end up in hell, we will remember EVERY bad deed we have ever done, PLUS, see across the “great divide”; ALL the wonders, joys, happiness and PEACE of all those who chose HEAVEN! And will, for eternity see what we have missed by our stupidity and greed! On the OTHER hand, in Heaven, we will never remember all our trials and tribulations on earth, will NEVER see the suffering in hell, and will have perfect ETERNAL PEACE!
      You’re welcome!

  1. So this crud ball lies a little bit-he is a Democrat so what did you expect. Virtually all of the people who have already testified for the impeachment hearing have lied-when your statements are aimed at taking a duly elected president down and your answer includes any of the words, surmised, assumed, I heard or I read, calling them anything but a liar is being too nice. If you “assumed”, the proper answer to the question is “I don’t know”. As I understand the situation, the president makes policy-he has advisers, but he don’t have to follow their suggestions. They, however, must follow his policies or they must resign. If creeping up behind the president and knifing him in the back with an I assumed or I surmised isn’t against the law, it should be.

  2. White coat?? Now that would be just a vacation for a jackass like him. We need to put any and all TRAITORS like him including BOXER FIENSTEIN WATTERS ;OSER OLD HAG PELOSI BLOOMBERG THE STUPID AND ALL THE REST OF THE ( LIGHTLY PUT) LIARS THAT ALWASY WANTED A WALL FORM ILLEGAL OBANGYA OBUTTYA OSCREWYA OFUCKYA obama.
    And they want all of us intelligent real AMERICANS to follow them?? I would rather die and go to hell first. Oh wait if they win it will be here in AMERICA within ten days of them winning. HHHMMMM CIVIL WAR AGAIN ??? more than likely

  3. Its amazing how the Dem. can take two separate instance and combine them into a wrong act.
    Trump trying to be fair with tax payer funds and weed out corruption in another country
    Trump did not hold up funds to get dirt on Biden. Trump wanted to know how much other countries was giving to Ukraine and have all countries to be fair. In the past America just throwing funds to any county no matter what they did with the America tax payer funds. That needs to stop.

  4. What a twisted mind he must have? Obama was treasonous, giving the biggest terrorist threat in the World today billions of dollars in cash on pallets in the middle of the night in secret. Obamas administration, (that includes Clinton) got millions from Russia by fraudulently selling Americas Uranium mine to Russia! Now that is a crime for Gitmo


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