Democrat Convicted of EVERY SINGLE CHARGE


It’s not surprising that the jury convicted Hillary Clinton’s close friend and heavy Democrat donor Ed Buck on every single one of his charges. They’re probably going to need counseling after the evidence they were shown. “I know this has been an arduous, lengthy and difficult process,” Judge Snyder told them during the trial, raising “the possibility of offering counseling to jurors who might be traumatized, but she did not mention the idea on Tuesday,” July 27, when she banged her gavel on what’s going to be a life sentence.

Democrat den of iniquity

The Black Lives Matter™ community was not sympathetic at all to the lily-white friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton, even if he is a liberal. Ed Buck wasn’t charged with murder, even though what he did amounts to luring unsuspecting Black victims to their death.

As NewsHourFirst points out, “That’s part of the privilege that comes with dump trucks full of cash delivered to the Democrat party, year after year.”

The trial lasted a full two weeks which “featured harrowing testimony” by men hired by the deviant Democrat “to show off their bodies in underwear and get high on crystal meth and the party drug GHB.”

Jurors were forced to endure clips “from Buck’s hundreds of graphic videos and photos of the drugs-and-sex sessions.” The traumatic evidence “left spectators wincing.” Those jury members are never going to be the same.

The powerful and well-connected Democrat demoniacally murdered two men in his apartment but wasn’t charged in connection with either one. It wasn’t until he almost murdered another one that he was brought to trial. He still isn’t even charged with attempted murder. He’s charged with selling the drugs he used to kill them with.

Either way, it will turn out to be a life sentence of somewhere between two minutes and 40 years for the 66-year-old pervert. It’s a good thing he likes young black men because the inmates are going to love him to death.

Party and play

Ed Buck was able to openly advertise “party and play” encounters at his apartment. The LA Times calls it “a gruesome case of an older white man using his power and money to exploit the poverty and drug addiction of younger Black men.”

The charges the Democrat were convicted on include “maintaining a drug den, distribution of methamphetamine and enticement to cross state lines to engage in prostitution.” More than one of his former victims who survived testified to similar things.

Buck had a fetish. One he pursued obsessively. Almost as obsessively as he pursued the Democrat party. His freaky fetish “led to the overdose deaths of two Black men in his apartment: Gemmel Moore, 26, in July 2017, and Timothy Dean, 55, in January 2019.” All that money to help Hillary paid off.

“It was only in September 2019, after a third Black man nearly died of an overdose, that Buck was arrested — a delay that fueled angry protests by activists who accused law enforcement officials of failing to aggressively investigate a politically influential white man.”

Some of the victims “were homeless and doing escort work to survive when Buck first invited them over.” One testified who “lived in a tent under a 105 Freeway overpass.”

He testified to the jury that “Buck paid the men extra when they let him inject them with meth” because “he enjoyed seeing them get so high that they lost control.” Some of the men “testified that Buck injected meth into their arms without their consent when they were passed out.” Yet, that’s not an attempt at murder, simply because it was done by a Democrat.