Democrat Committee Member Makes Major Slip during Impeachment Hearing


For the most part, the hearings today went as expected.

However, if there were failures, they clearly happened on the Democrat side.

The biggest gaffe of the day, however, belongs to Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Il).

Did He Really Say That?

So far, most of the so-called evidence Democrats have presenting has been hearsay.

I lost count during the hearings as to how many times today’s key witness, Ambassador Taylor, said that he heard this from that person, then someone else told him something else.

This is whisper down the lane!

In a court of law, this would be considered hearsay evidence, and it would not be allowed.

In Congress, however, there seems to be a different measurable when it comes to hearsay evidence.

According to Rep. Quigley, who stated, “hearsay can be much better evidence than direct…”

Translation: We have no real evidence so now I have to convince you the lame evidence we have is good enough to push Trump out of office so Democrats can regain power.

Stop Right There

In a perfect world, the impeachment hearing would have been halted right there.

Instead, it is going to go on for weeks, if not months, then it will head to the Senate because Democrats could care less about facts.

All the while, the American people are footing the bill for all of this.

Fox News’ Dana Perino suggested Republicans rent the ticker at Times Square to show the American people exactly how much money this circus is costing them.

A reporter hijacked Trump’s press conference with the President of Turkey to get Trump’s opinion of the impeachment hearings so far.

Trump told her he didn’t watch because it is a “sham” and that spending time with the President of Turkey was far more important than that hearing.

Furthermore, he asked the reporters to not waste either of their time with more questions about this sham and stay focused on their efforts to work towards peace in the Middle East.

It was the perfect answer at the end of a day where Democrats simply did not come any closer to making their case for impeaching Trump.

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