Democrat Circus Act Leads To Heavy Dose of Karma

Democrat Circus Act Leads To Heavy Dose of Karma

The Texas Democrats, now infamous for their cowardly decision to run away to prevent a vote on election security legislation, are now receiving a heavy dose of karma.

After hopping on a private plane, maskless Democrats headed to Washington, D.C. in an attempt to prevent a vote on election security legislation in the Texas state Legislature. Ironically, these cowards had to provide and ID to fly and to buy the beer they brought on the plane with them, but are against requiring ID to vote.

That irony was pointed out in many posts on Twitter, alongside the hypocrisy of not wearing masks while advocating for requiring average Americans to wear masks. But this time, instead of just being called out for their hypocrisy, these Democrats received a heavy dose of karma.

Five total Texas Democrats have tested positive for COVID amid their stay in Washington, D.C.

“In light of some positive COVID-19 tests over the weekend, the House Democratic Caucus has decided to go beyond CDC guidance and provide daily rapid tests for all Members and staff in Washington, D.C., for this week,” the Texas House Democrats said in a statement. “As part of this precautionary testing, today two additional Members who were fully vaccinated tested positive. All of the HDC Members who tested positive are feeling good, with no symptoms or only mild symptoms.”

Even more hilarious, these Democrats had just met with Kamala Harris, who now refuses to quarantine despite advocating for mandating that people who come into contact with COVID-infected persons quarantine themselves.


The karma continues as these Texas Democrats have just found out that they will be arrested upon returning home for their ridiculous political stunt in refusing to participate in legitimate democratic processes.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the pending arrests just a few days before the positive COVID tests came back.

“What the law is, it’s in the Constitution, and that is the house, the State House of Representatives who were here in the Capitol in Austin right now, they do have the ability to issue a call to have their fellow members who are not showing up to be arrested, but only so long as that arrest is made in the state of Texas. That’s why they have fled the state. Once they step back into the state of Texas, they will be arrested and brought to the Texas Capitol, and we will be conducting business.”