Democrat Candidate Swipes at Iowa and New Hampshire for Being Too White

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Democrats have suggested a lot of rather radical ideas this year, but wanted to change the order of states during the election because of the makeup of the citizens, well, that is a new one.

Julian Castro, whose campaign never really got off the ground, is now blaming the fact that Iowa and New Hampshire are too white as the reason for his failure.

Just Keep Changing the Rules

Iowa has been kicking off the election season in this country for almost five decades.

Julian Castro, however, would like to see that change because the states are not diverse enough for his liking.

With so much emphasis on the early days of the primary making or breaking a candidate, he believes someone like himself does not have a chance if the elections are always started in states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

So, he believes we need to change the order of the states to be more diverse to give someone like himself a chance at being elected.

He stated, “I don’t believe we’re the same country we were in 1972. That’s when Iowa first held its caucus first, and by the time we have the next presidential election in 2024, it’ll have been more than 50 years since 1972.

“Our country’s changed a lot in those 50 years.”

He also stated that Iowa and New Hampshire are “not reflective of the United States as a whole, certainly not reflective of the Democratic Party, and I believe that other states should have their chance … I don’t believe that forever we should be married to Iowa and New Hampshire going first, and that’s the truth of the way I see it.”

The Lead Balloon

Castro’s comments were so outrageous, even members of the Democrat party were trying to distance themselves from Castro.

Ray Buckley, the New Hampshire Democrat Party Chairman, stated, “I can imagine he is frustrated but blaming his campaign’s challenges on the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire is a bit much.”

Pete Buttigieg also made sure he distanced himself from the narrative Castro was pushing…

If You Can’t Make It Through February…

What Castro fails to see and Buttigieg actually mentioned, is that the early primaries are really four states, not two.

Before Super Tuesday, both Nevada and South Carolina will also have held their respective caucus and primary.

Both of these states have significant minority communities.

Between the four early states, there is plenty of diversity and it truly is a fair balance to let the candidates know where they stand by Super Tuesday.

What Castro is really doing is looking to blame the failure of his campaign on something, anything, and if it takes throwing out a racist comment about the people of New Hampshire and Iowa, so be it.

The sad fact is this election could start off in New Mexico, Arizona, and California, and Castro still would not have a chance in hell of winning this nomination.

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