Democrat Candidate Announces Candidacy in Danger

It's just about over now!

Democrat Debate

Another Democrat candidate is about to fall out of the race.

Julian Castro, a Texas Democrat, announced today that he needs to raise nearly $1 million by the end of the month or his White House bid will come to an end.

Silencing His Voice

The desperation is quite apparent by Castro, who is using some rather drastic language to appeal to donors.

The presidential hopeful sent out a message to his followers that if he does not come up with another $800k by the end of the month, “my campaign will be silenced for good.”

In addition to the tweet, Castro sent out an email to his supporters, stating, “If I don’t meet the deadline, I won’t have the resources to keep my campaign running.”

Tough Road to Hoe

Whether or not Castro meets this requirement is almost irrelevant, as his campaign is just about over regardless.

According to recent reports, Castro has about $700,000 left in his war chest.

Compare that to frontrunners Biden, Sanders, and Warren, who collectively have more than $60 million in their war chests ready to go, with most of that money sitting with Warren (roughly $25 million) and Sanders (more than $30 million).

If Joe Biden thinks he is in trouble with only $9 million left, what does that say about Castro?

Castro is also falling short on polling numbers, so it may just be time for him to put a pin in it.

Over Before It Started

If we are being honest here, Castro was never a serious candidate in this race.

It was big news because he was a Democrat hailing from Texas, but the shine has been worn off that stone and now he is just another has been.

Money is starting to dry up, as the large field has required donors to pick and choose and Castro is clearly at the bottom of that list.

The fact the holidays are just about here does not bode well for Castro either, as discretionary money is not exactly abundant this time of year and it is hard to imagine people putting money into a losing cause at this point.

You are dead in the water, Mr. Castro, only your pride will not allow you to quit and stop begging Americans for their hard-earned money to soothe your wounded ego.


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