Democrat Calls For Military Coup To Oust Trump … Then Tries To Walk It Back “Where Are Our Military Folks?”


    Democrat Encourages Others To Oust Trump When Caught, Walks It Back

Scott Dworkin, is according to him a ‘proud member of the resistance’ has been accused of partaking in some underhanded activities.

Dworkin worked closely with the Democratic Coalition to uncover Trump, and Russia. Many say that Dworkin was a driving force behind the Mueller Russian Investigation.

Democrats say many Republicans just can’t get over that Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016. The GOP believes that as long as Trump is in office, the Democrats will blame Trump for things whether he’s responsible for those things or not.

One issue that has been at the forefront of the negative accusations thrown at the president is all things immigration 

The policies at the border which separates from children from their adult parents or family members, was done long before the Trump Administration.

The policy was in place during the Obama Administration, the Democrats have selective memory when it comes to the former president.

Trump had at one point held a joint press conference with Russian President Vladmir Putin. During the conference Trump reminded both parties that everyone is responsible for past and present relations with Russia.

Trump did call out Russia for taking out ads on Facebook during the 2016 election. However again the Democrats are never satisfied with anything positive or proactive that Trump does.

They spin everything in the worst possible light. Trump said it would serve no purpose to publicly impugn Putin’s reputation

Trump’s refusal to publicly bash Putin, has many Democrats like Dworkin losing their minds. Democrat Rep Steve Cohen said “Where are our military folks? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of our enemy.” 

When Cohen was called on his remarks, he said, “his comments were taken out of context, and he never called for a military coup”.

Former Obama Administration CIA Director John Brennen, has called Trump ‘treasonous’ on several occasions. Rep. Cohen also said that former FBI agent Peter Strzok, should be awarded a purple heart.

Strzok was fired from the FBI on August 10, 2018, after he was caught sending anti Trump text messages on FBI equipment. Strzok refused to answer questions during a congressional hearing in July 2018, and according to Cohen, Strzok is a “hero”.

The GOP says that the Obama Administration had an opportunity for eight years to change things between the US and Russia and failed to do so.  President Trump they say should be given the opportunity to try to make relations healthier. 




  1. Clearly Democratic Rep Steve Cohen has just declared war on the American people. He’s encouraged a military coup In our nation against President Trump and obviously all of the Americans who support President Trump and the United States, our laws and freedoms. Representative Cohen just gave us a heads up and has obviously shown us what the socialist/communist Democrat’s plans are against the US and the American people so we the people need to get it together and clearly need to get organized, equipped and get prepared and ready for the coup/civil war that Democratic Rep Cohen, and the rest of the socialist/communist Democrats , are threatening and calling for against us.

  2. Such a criminal disgusting totalitarian Democratic Communist Party. They will do anything criminal and felonious for any power of their madness.

  3. Cohen is a joke, he is a typical Democrat that just takes and takes and never gives anything but lip service. The area that he supposedly represents in memphis is turning ever quickly into projects that no one can live in, but all is ok according to him! I wish those folks would wake up and see what disservice he is doing.


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