Democrat Breaks from Party, Signs Affidavit Questioning Ballot Counts in Georgia

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More witnesses are stepping forward with evidence of voter fraud. Even a Democrat in Georgia is speaking out. The state’s recount has uncovered some errors, but is it enough to turn Georgia red?

Democrat exposes Georgia voter fraud

Reports of voter fraud are pouring in from all over the country. President Trump has filed lawsuits in several states, demanding they postpone certifying the election results until there is a thorough audit of the votes.

Georgia just held a recount and made some shocking discoveries. Election officials found a hard drive which contained 2,700 uncounted votes. In another incident in Dekalb County, there was a counting error that resulted in an extra 9,000 votes for Joe Biden.

The tally originally said 13 Trump votes to approximately 10,000 Biden votes. The actual tally was 13 Trump votes to 1,000 Biden votes. The batch with the 9,000 vote error going to Biden was approved by two election officials before it was discovered. What else are they missing?

Now another poll watcher in Georgia is coming forward. This time, it’s a Democrat who’s being honest about the fraud he observed. “I watched them pull out a pile of what I observed to be absentee ballots and noticed two very distinct characteristics that these ballots had. One, I noticed that they all had a perfect black bubble and were all for Biden. I was able to observe the perfect bubble for a few minutes before they made me move away from the table. I heard them go through the stack and call out Biden’s name over 500 times in a row.” Trump criticized the recount in Georgia, saying it’s useless without a proper audit. What good is recounting all the fraudulent ballots? They need to audit them and match the voter’s signature. If these are really computer printed fake ballots, they must be disqualified.

Stop the steal

The witness also testified that they saw the same absentee ballots with the perfect bubble being counted in Cobb County Georgia. “I also saw absentee ballots for Trump inserted into Biden’s stack and were counted as Biden votes. This occurred a few times. Not once did anyone verify signatures on these ballots.

In fact, there was no authentication process in place and no envelopes were observed or allowed to be observed.” This is damning evidence. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg. President Trump’s legal team just held a press conference outlining all of their allegations of voter fraud.


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