Dem Mayor Who Vows to Track Down Maskless Super Bowl Fans, Caught on Camera SEVERAL Times Without a Mask


Jane Castor the Imperialist mayor of Tampa, Florida, doesn’t have to follow her own orders. The sight of “hoards of football fans” celebrating the home team win without wearing a mask freaked her out and sent her running for a TV camera. She forgot she’s not a vampire so she shows up on camera too.

Mayor can go maskless

If Jane Castor, the Imperialist Tampa mayor wants to go maskless in public she does. Meanwhile if any of her hapless subjects dare to do the same, they police “will handle it,” she warned at a press briefing Monday. She’s especially referring to anyone caught on camera indecently exposed. There’s simply no excuse she declares in her imperial wisdom, the city of Tampa “handed out 200,000 masks prior to Sunday’s championship match.”

When The contest between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs ended, the Bucs had won. As soon as Mayor Castor promised to send the police out to round up the mask dissenting radicals during Super Bowl celebrations on Sunday the twittersphere exploded. She warned them before the game.

Before the big showdown, Mayor Castor had issued an Imperial Decree mandating that face coverings be worn at outdoor events and gatherings in entertainment districts. After the hometown heroes brought home the bacon, they went into such a frenzy they started ripping their masks off. Most were obediently compliant but then there were the radicals.

Tens of thousands

The hypocrite mayor admits that “we had tens of thousands of people all over the city, downtown, out by the stadium and very, very few incidents. So I’m proud of our community.” At least there weren’t and cars set on fire like sometimes happens. Still there were some terrible crimes committed. Mask defiance will not be tolerated. “Those few bad actors will be identified and the Tampa Police Department will handle it.”

The mask avoiding hypocrite didn’t go into specifics of what will happen after the police start rounding up the fugitives. On Twitter, the photos of Mayor Castor in public gatherings naked from the chin up have been making the rounds. She even dared to go maskless in front of children at a Stanley Cup celebration in October”

One thing is certain Mayor Castor and her antics prove we live in a post-constitutional America where laws mean whatever Imperials say they mean. Even during the days when the rule of law was still in effect, Democrats made rules that they refused to follow themselves. Now that the power grab is complete, they rule by whim and a wave of the pen.


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