Dem Mayor Flirts With Deadly Disaster


Police in the flamingly liberal city of Seattle, Washington are fed up. Their equally liberal mayor is flirting with deadly disaster. She could end up handing the city over to Black Lives Matter before it’s all over.

Mayor issues new mandate

When Mayor Jenny Durkan announced the mandate “requiring all city workers to be vaccinated by Oct. 18 or upon refusal, be fired,” she already had a problem. Well, yeah she had several but one in particular that also affects the citizens of her city.

At the time they had already chased away “roughly 300 officers” in their push to “defund the police, resulting in a violent crime surge in the Democrat-ran city.”

The rest of the cops told her go ahead and fire me. At least, the un-vaccinated ones. The current count estimates that as of now, “more than 200 officers either haven’t been vaccinated or have refused to hand over their private medical data.”

The mayor isn’t happy about it. She claims her order is based on science but it isn’t. Nobody believes it.

Other city officials went behind Mayor Durkan’s back and tried to “cut a deal with Mike Solan, the president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild.”

He continues to say that the vaccine mandate doesn’t make any sense. He thinks the city is going to have a hard time getting replacements. Heavy handed tactics aren’t going to work this time.


Crime is on the rise

Sloan is convinced that Mayor Durkan and her underlings “are advocating for more police officers because you know crime is on the rise, you need more cops because of what the City Council did.” This new move proves how insane they are.

“Why are you threatening us with our jobs if you don’t get this vaccination? It’s unbelievable to me, it doesn’t make sense.”

They would rather allow Antifa affiliated Black Lives Matter insurrectionists take possession of the downtown for a few weeks. Maybe just give them the whole city.

Whether the mayor likes it or not, “ordering a mandatory vaccine to an already short-staffed police department is a recipe for disaster. It’s not about politics. It’s not about the debate with science. It’s around why are you tying in termination with this?”


A spokesperson for the mayor feels a little uneasy about the way Solan appears like some big hairy barbarian with an ax when he talks about the consequences of the city’s progressive plans.

They “hope terminations won’t be necessary. However, if the officers choose not to get vaccinated, Seattle is set to lose an estimated 20 percent of its already depleted police force.”