Deep State Picks Harris For President


Kamala Harris will be listed on all the paperwork as Biden’s potential “vice” president, but that won’t last for long if they manage to steal the election. Joe Biden called the MSM camera crews into his basement on Tuesday, to announce what patriots consider to be the Deep State’s pick for president.

Video call with Harris goes by the script

As a recent 46 minute video released by the GOP underscores, Joe Biden can’t be trusted to open his mouth without immediately sticking his foot in it. So, it’s not surprising that he would use a script while reaching out by laptop to Kamala Harris from his basement. It’s only a little surprising that CNN would doctor the imagery – to edit it out of public’s view – because we expect censorship from CNN. The most surprising thing is that it proves how much of a Deep State puppet Biden really is.

The incident indicates that Joe Biden was informed by his handlers that his choice for vice president would be Kamala Harris. They called in the networks and Biden dutifully read his lines off the conveniently placed script. From things that radical progressives have already put in the public records, it’s easy to connect the dots.

Democrats know that 77-year-old Biden’s health isn’t quite as solid as it should be, and that’s not even mentioning the dementia symptoms documented in the GOP video compilation. They’re already writing up his retirement notice. As rumored in far right circles, shortly after a victorious Biden is sworn into office, he will develop some “unforeseeable” but easily predictable “debilitating health issues.” The brave, selfless, politician will be praised for his service to the nation as Kamala Harris quietly slides over into his seat in the Oval Office. That’s how Democrats plan to give you the first African-American woman president of Jamaican-Indian descent.

The right side weighs in

Conservatives quickly flipped their dials to Fox to find out what their take was on the decision to choose Harris, because nobody believes that Joe Biden actually selected such a radical running mate by himself. Martha McCallum pointed out that “black leaders had urged Biden to select a woman of color as his running mate.” He wants to show Black Lives Matter that he’s got “soul.” As MacCallum notes, bucking in to demands like that “takes away from some of the selection in some ways.” Tucker Carlson calls Harris a “one-dimensional” candidate and perhaps the “single most transactional human being in America.” Not to mention she smokes weed so strong she can hear music from the future.

As Carlson quips, “there are time-share salesman you could trust more” than Kamala and “payday lenders who are more sincere.” Sean Hannity was quick to report that Harris is a supporter of socialism with a “radical extremist record” that is “atrocious.” Hannity declared, “this pick solidifies what’s the most extreme radical far-left out of the mainstream ticket of any major political party in American history.” Jeanine Pirro was the first one to say what is on everyone’s mind, that she was “not sure” Biden himself actually picked her and wondering, “who really picked this woman to be the vice presidential candidate?”

Laura Ingraham picked up the most telling clue as to what’s about to happen. She noticed that Biden sent his supporters an email that says how Kamala Harris is “the best person” to help him “take this fight to Donald Trump and Mike Pence.” then, after that happens, she can “lead this nation starting in January 2021.” Ingraham did a double take over that one. “Wait, wait, to lead this nation? Wasn’t that you supposed to be on the top of the ticket doing all that leading for us, Joe? You know, that whole presidency then? Come on, man. Even Joe is witted enough to understand that he’s not really going to be running the show if he wins in November.”


  1. Get ready for a constitutional convention because the dems and the deep state have rigged this election, between the rigged mail in ballots and now the rigging of the potus pick. They picked biden he didnt win the debates. The dems picked him and knew exactly what they were planning for his vp. Shoe her in and get him out. What cheating and they need to be eliminated from this earth. They are filthy dirty cheaters.

  2. Democrat National Corruption The Democrat Cabal is just putting Biden up as their shill. He will never make a Presidential decision. The nation is doomed if the DCN pulls this off. Help Save America. Vote for Donald J Trump. Go to the polls. Mail in ballots will not be counted fairly. You will know if a senile Biden wins in a paper landslide.
    I hope the GOP and DOJ have a plan. It is also possible that they have a brokered DNC convention where Joe “decides to Step Aside” and move Harris to the front.That way they can say that any negative GOP ads against her are racist against blacks and women { Though like obama she is not really black.


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