Deep State is Sh*tting Themselves…Want to ‘Inoculate’ and Gag Durham


The only thing liberals can do to control the damage from John Durham’s report, since they can’t gag him into silence, is to “inoculate the American people before the report is released.” If unsubstantiated darknet bulletin board rumors are correct, then, to use a particularly appropriate phrase, the Deep State moles are sh*tting themselves.

Inoculate the American people from the truth

Word around the bonfire, courtesy of Tigerdroppings, is that Joyce Vance, a regular guest of liberal MSNBC host Brian Williams, mentioned recently that since Attorney General William Barr “is a puppet of Donald Trump,” he’ll probably go ahead and release his nasty report before the election. At this point, distressed Democrats have no other choice. The University of Alabama law professor “stated that the only thing they can do is inoculate the American people before the report is released since Durham will do whatever Barr wants him to do.”

Progressives are convinced that Durham is a puppet of Barr and Trump. Because of that, even though “tradition dictates reports which might affect an election should not be released within 90 days of the election” Durham is going to put his out anyway. Because heads will immediately start rolling, Vance suggested the inoculate strategy. Start the spin now, even before the charges are announced.

The way liberals including Ms. Vance see it, they’ll be faced with “a bunch of unsubstantiated allegations with no chance for the accused to defend themselves before the election.” She already knows they’re guilty and the only defense is an injection of propaganda to inoculate vulnerable liberals. She advises saying, since they won’t have their trials yet that the allegations aren’t proven. After all, everyone is innocent until actually proven guilty.

Already ‘disseminating propaganda’

Without knowing a single word of what Durham might write into his anxiously awaited report, and who will be indicted and jailed after the plea agreements and grand jury statements start piling up, Democrats have already cooked up a batch of propaganda to inoculate everyone with. They announced, “they will be disseminating propaganda to provide cover for the nefarious actions of the Democrats.” Like a flu shot, they hope it will provide the inoculation they need.

If they follow the standard Saul Alinsky play-book, step one will be to “present anticipated allegations.” Allegations like the one that says “James Comey lied to the FISA court,” would be a pretty good bet. Next to inoculate the masses, “attack and diminish” the charges and “demean the attorney general” for pursuing them.” Finally, “they will clutch at straws to object while deflecting responsibility from Obama’s administration, especially Joe Biden and Susan Rice if she is the V P candidate.”

Yep. All of that makes perfect sense, which is why it generally seems to have been scrubbed from the internet. Before the fact checkers start having a field day, the standard disclaimers were boldly displayed. It totally infuriates censors that people can read reports that are sketchy, know they are sketchy, but at the same time realize there is a large enough core of truth underneath the sketchiness to make the material worth at least considering and investigating further. That’s the part progressives really hate, because then you might find something and they can’t inoculate you against it.


  1. I find it funny that now the shoe is on the other foot and the Dems are scrambling to say that no one is guilty until proven so in a court of law. REALLY! What have they been doing to our President these last four years and anyone who is part of his adminisration? The difference here is they are all guilty and they are trying to cover it up with more lies. They all need to go to jail and many of them need to be tried for treason.


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