Deadly Shootout on Crowded Highway Caught on Video

Florida Shootout

The state of Florida is suddenly turning into the O.K. Corral lately.

Video was rolling from a local news station after a UPS truck and its driver had been hijacked by men who had recently robbed a jewelry store.

A chase ensued with the truck, including the kidnapped driver, ending up on a very crowded Miramar Parkway.

When the truck was forced to stop because of a massive traffic jam, the suspect engaged the police in a shootout.

Police approached the vehicle, hoping the suspects would give themselves up, but that is now how it ended up going down.

After at least one of the suspects opened fire, police had no choice but to respond, even though citizens and the UPS driver were now at risk.

As you see shots going in both directions, the UPS driver can be seen falling out the truck, apparently wounded from the gunfire.


Eventually, the suspects were taken out, but in the process, the UPS driver was also killed.

Police, at this time, are unsure if the bullets that killed the truck driver came from police or from the suspects.

According to reports, an innocent bystander was also struck during the exchange and was pronounced dead as well.

Prior to the chase, at the scene of the original robbery, the store owner opened fire on the thieves, who returned fire against him.

A woman that was in the store at the time was struck in the head, but she is believed to be in stable condition at a local hospital.

Police are coming under considerable scrutiny over the use of such force in a public place, but as you can see from the video, they clearly had no choice.