Daughter of Convicted Terrorist Running for Office in THIS State

Ameena Matthews
Photo via Twitter Video Screenshot

Ameena Matthews is running for Congress in Illinois.

Matthews is a Muslim, which has raised some eyebrows, but that is not the problem.

What is a problem is the fact her father is a convicted terrorist that is sentenced to 168 years in prison.

Jeff Fort

Ms. Matthews’ father is Jeff Fort, a.k.a. Abdul Malik Ka’bah.

Fort co-founded the Black P. Stones, a Chicago gang that is estimated to have more than 100,000 members.

As the gang progresses, Fort took on the lead role and under his leadership, the gang became a militant faction of Islam identifying as “El Rukn Tribe of the Moorish Science Templar of America.”

The El Rukn faction of the Black P. Stones started to describe themselves as Orthodox Sunni Muslims.

At this time, Fort changed the name of the militant faction to El Rukn Sunni Masjid al-Malik.

In addition to murder charges and drug trafficking charges, this upstanding citizen was also radicalized.

Eventually, Fort agreed to conduct a domestic terrorist operation in exchange for a payment of $2.5 million and weapons.

For his crimes of terrorism, Fort received a sentence of 80 years, which was to be served consecutively with his drug trafficking sentence.

After being convicted of ordering the murder of a rival gang member in the drug trafficking trade, he was also sentenced to an additional 75 years, for a total of 168 years to be served for all three crimes.

He has been imprisoned since 1986 and will never see the light of day again.

Running for Congress

We are a country of second chances, yes, but to put someone in office that is the daughter of a convicted terrorist… is this really how far political correctness has gone in this country?

We know states like Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan have extensive Muslim populations and these people obviously want to be represented in our government.

However, there has to be a better choice than someone with these direct ties.

We have already seen the damage that can be done when a radical Muslim is elected to office by the damage Ilhan Omar has done.

I have always maintained radicals want to infiltrate our government and tear our country apart from the inside out.

Omar is now under a second investigation and openly supports radical groups and promotes leniency for terrorists.

She got her start by winning a seat in her state’s congress. Are the people of Illinois really willing to start the path off to our House by electing someone like Matthews to office?

She is running against incumbent Bobby Bush, Robert Emmons Jr., and Sarah Gad in the Democrat primary to be held on March 17, 2020.

We can only hope she is defeated in that primary with no chance of winning the general election.

Illinois, you better stand up and do the right thing!