Dad Tosses 22 Punches at Pedo Teacher Who Sexually Assaults Daughter

Pedo Teacher
Photo via Mirror Video Screesnhot

There may be no worse news for a father than learning that a trusted figure in the life of his child has violated that trust.

That was exactly what one man experienced, though, when he learned his daughter was being sexually assaulted by a teacher.

Instant Justice

It is very easy to empathize with a father that learns something like this wanting instant justice.

In this case, closed-circuit TV (you can see the full video on Mirror.Co.UK, click here) captured the moment the father caught up with the alleged pedophile teacher.

Within a matter of fifteen seconds, the father reportedly landed more than 20 punches on the teacher.

From pictures in the original report, the man suffered multiple cuts and bruises on his face from the beating.

According to the report in the Mirror, the teacher is Jorge Cruceno, who is 30 years old.


The man has also reportedly been suspended for abusing this girl.

So, in addition to the nasty beatdown he suffered at the hands of this girl’s father, he has also lost his job.

With any luck, justice will soon catch up with him and he will be behind bars very soon but considering this alleged assault took place in Argentina, we don’t have a lot of faith in getting true justice for this young girl.

The report also stated the family found multiple text messages from the teacher on the young girl’s phone.

Police are now reportedly investigating both the claims of sexual assault as well as the assault on the alleged pedophile teacher.



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