Cue the PENCE Card


When Congress meets on January 6, Vice President Mike Pence will be holding all the aces. The big question in the mind of every American is whether or not he’ll play the hand that has been dealt to him, and throw down the Trump card.

Pence holds all the aces

One man holds all the aces. That gives Mike Pence the unique opportunity to end the election madness. All he has to do is obey the oath he swore on the day he took office to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Part of that duty is the obligation to ensure that the laws are “faithfully executed.” That especially pertains to the election laws.

Congress is about to meet in a special joint session and the way it’s set up in the Constitution, the Vice President will be ruling the proceedings with an iron fist. American Thinker writes, “V.P. Pence will have two choices. He can roll over on ‘certified’ electors, or he can uphold the law.”

Mountains of evidence collected in seven hotly contested battleground states have conservative Americans convinced that the election was rigged and stolen right out from under President Donald Trump. Worse, it was done out in the open with everyone watching. The liberal left is convinced that they can get away with simply denying the fraud but they weren’t counting on Pence. The media is fully onboard, refusing to see anything which would cast the slightest shadow on the results. In Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, things got so far out of control that both Republicans and Democrats will be turning in an envelope with their own set of Electoral College electors.

Fraud swept under the rug

Under the Constitution, when the lawmakers meet on January 6, the “president of the Senate is the final authority on any motions or objections during the vote-counting.” The word of Mike Pence cannot be overturned. Americans have been watching in horror as the massive fraud has been swept under the rug. If our election is to have any integrity at all, the fraudulent votes must be set aside.

Considering that in some places there were two totally separate sets of laws for Republican and Democrat voters, obviously invalid ballots were allowed to be counted and zombies were voting from the grave, certifying the results of those states would be a travesty of justice. Unless Mike Pence steps in and honors his oath, the election will be validated, just like the Deep State planned. The media insists that we simply drink the Kool-Aid and accept Joe Biden “regardless of errors, omissions, and even deliberate malfeasance.”

If Mike Pence decides that none of the electors from the disputed states are allowed to be counted, essentially listing them as a 0:0 tie, then President Trump can claim his 232 honest electoral college votes. Since all of the cheating benefited Joe Biden, then he’ll be left with only 222 and stuck in his basement with nothing but Kamala Harris’ stash of weed that makes you hear music from the future to console him.


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