Crenshaw Calls Out Biden For Whole New Level of Stupidity


Conservatives all know that Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw is not real happy with Imperial Leader Joe Biden. His Wisdom’s latest snafu isn’t just a “whole new level of stupid,” it’s downright “anti-American.” Biden fully embraces New World Order, wide-open borders globalism. He needs to do his part for the Arabs and Russians and doesn’t seem to mind that he’s cutting the throats of American workers.

Crenshaw speaks the truth

Brother Dan Crenshaw missed his calling as a preacher. On Wednesday, August 11, he raised his hands high and testified to the TRUTH. He did it on Twitter. The palace isn’t happy with it but his account hasn’t been censored yet.

He was simply reacting to the news that Joe Biden is in bed with OPEC, begging them to accept millions more in profits by opening back up the valves that were closed while Trump had America burning American oil.

What Crenshaw tapped out specifically was: “Reaching a whole new level of stupid, the Biden administration asks OPEC (foreign oil) to increase production while making every possible attempt to destroy CLEANER American oil and gas.

Not just stupid, but anti-American.” That pretty much sums it up. He was just as vicious back in January when he went for John Kerry’s jugular.

At the beginning of the year when John Kerry lurched back into Washington to work behind the scenes on secret deals with Iran, Crenshaw called him out for “suggesting that workers losing their jobs in the fossil fuel industry could transition to jobs in clean energy.”


To do that, they need someone to quietly airlift them pallets of cash to buy groceries with. “John Kerry — worth hundreds of millions — telling blue-collar workers to just ‘go to work to make the solar panels.'”

Shut up and accept it

Crenshaw went on to explain that “solar will pay on average $20K less than oil and gas jobs. John Kerry thinks you should just shut up and accept it.”

Flash forward to Wednesday and Imperial Leader Joe Biden is begging “a conglomerate of 23 oil-producing countries, led largely by Russia and Saudi Arabia, to increase oil production.” Gas prices are beginning to affect national security.

Along with the request for more foreign oil supplies, the Palace issued a statement from Security Minister Jake Sullivan warning that ballooning “gasoline costs, if left unchecked, risk harming the ongoing global recovery.”

Crenshaw is well aware that the palace believes in the “importance of competitive markets in setting prices.” He’s furious that Biden is doing it at America’s expense.

Dan Crenshaw isn’t about to sit back and let the imperial palace bow to the global oil cartel after he “cracked down on oil and gas infrastructure projects.” Meanwhile, his cracked-out son Hunter Biden is selling his amateur artwork at professional prices to Chinese buyers by the dozen.

Instead of boosting “oil supply and fuel production in the United States,” the Biden family is boosting cocaine production in Columbia. When Biden shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline project, he “effectively killed the pipeline, costing thousands of jobs.” All that oil was headed straight to “refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas.”