CRAZY: Model Is Turning Her Body into Disney Princess…Can You See Why?


How many sacrifices would you be willing to make simply to appear the way you see yourself inside. For one model, money was no object in her efforts to appear like a Disney princess.

First of all, Pixee the Model had to contend with the pain of changing herself so rapidly. However, for some people, when it comes to pursuing their dreams pain is no object either.

Although it might seem weird to some, there are quite a few who will go to incredible lengths just to meet these dreams. Although sometimes it can border on the bizarre, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Simply put, Pixee wanted an unusual and animated figure, and she would stop at nothing to get it. She has already had 15 surgeries, spending $120,000 to boot.

All The Way From the Nose to the Legs


Even before Pixee realized her dream to look like a Disney princess, she had already done several surgeries to lift her butt, make her breasts as large as possible, and to “fix” her nose. Spoiler alert: she’s not done yet.

She Had Some Ribs Removed

Pixee also desires to have a record-breaking 14-inch waistline, so she had at least a half-dozen of her ribs removed. This isn’t going to help her in protecting her liver, but oh well…considering that her waistline is currently at 16 inches she is still just a bit short. She will exercise five hours a day so she continues to stay slim.

Her Natural Face

Pixee looked very different before she spent as much as $120,000 to look the way she wanted it. Even with her old face, she looked very hot with piercing eyes and luscious lips. However, her goal to look like a Disney princess is supported by her 70,000 fans on social media.

Needless to say, Pixee is still working to achieve her dreams and plans to continue undergoing her radical and physical changes until she gets it just right.

What About Looking Like a Cartoon?

Of course, there are certain people who try to take the wind out of her sails and say that she looks like a cartoon, but she doesn’t care. That’s her dream goal in the first place!

Having a Nose Job Done

Here is a picture of Pixee getting a nose job done. If there is one area of her body that she is very touchy about, it would have to be her nose.

Freeze that Fat

Pixee is also a regular participant in a treatment called CoolSculpting, in which her fat is frozen and then cut off. Interestingly enough, it is about the least invasive way to keep this fat off.

She’s Not Done Yet

Next year, Pixee is planning on having eyelash implants and she will be removing her fat so she can enhance her cheeks. She will place some implants in her hip so they are bigger and because she wants them to be more noticeable.

A girl’s gotta have her dreams, right?


  1. Several points.
    One, no wonder many cultures think Americans are decadent, wasteful, crass, and completely crazy.
    Two, this woman is in real danger of death by suicide. If her multiple surgeries were not dangerous enough (any surgery has dangers), her excessive and exacting focus on nearly impossible body image goals puts her mental health in jeopardy.
    Three, breasts of much less girth and weight are frequently considered unhealthy and are subject to reduction surgery. Hers will almost certainly need to be reduced in the near future.
    Four, I firmly believe that the surgeon who removed six of her ribs is supremely guilty of medical malpractice, as the rib cage is one of the body’s most important structures for both support and internal organ protection. If this woman has parents, those parents should be suing him/her for that crime.


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