Crazed Protester Breaches Police Car in Attempt to Steal Firearm, Then Something Heroic Happens


A former Marine Corps infantryman turned rent-a-cop saved the Seattle Police Department’s bacon. A crazed Antifa thug, in a bandito mask and Rolling Stones T-shirt, thought he made the score of the century when he liberated an AR-15 from the pigs. He didn’t even get a good chance to look it over.

The police have some explaining to do

Seattle police left two AR-15’s unattended in a matching pair of cruisers parked along the curb, in the middle of a riot. The automatic weapons fell into the hands of Antifa, but not for long. The man hired to guard the body of KCPQ-TV reporter Brandi Kruse moves fast.

Video from Monday’s episode of Antifa’s Got Talent: Seattle shows a criminal looter “breach a police cruiser” for bonus points. Grinning from ear to ear under his Covid-19 protection mask, he emerges into view “armed with an AR-15 rifle.”

Almost faster than the eye can follow, an apparently ordinary citizen, or officer in plainclothes, “armed with a handgun runs up to the now-armed protester and quickly snatches the rifle from his hands,” reports describe. One of the radical’s buddies got him out of there before he got shot.

Look a little closer

Most people don’t notice the first time they watch the video, but the handgun isn’t the only weapon the security guard carried. Moments before he had recovered another AR-15 and had it slung over his shoulder as he went after the second one. Pistol drawn, he stick’s it in the Stones fan’s face and snatched “the stolen police rifle right out of the protester’s hands.”

Rival station KOMO caught the incident but didn’t know what to think so they dropped their feed. “We’re going to break away from that shot there. Not sure who that person is, but obviously a very scary and fluid situation.”

At first, everyone including Antifa thought the man was an undercover cop. KCPQ’s Brandi Kruse cleared up the mystery. He was an undercover security guard. “As I explained on air, our security guard felt that the public was in danger. He took the AR 15 from the rioter and disabled it. We called 911 and waited to hand it over and continue our reporting. Protesters surrounded us, calling us police.” That made the reporters more than a little nervous. “I repeated over and over I was press. One protester told me to leave the area because I would not be safe there.”

The rest of the story

Ms. Kruse filled in the blanks on the part of the story that didn’t get filmed. When Antifa militia members snagged the first weapon, they stitched a few rounds across the interior of the cop-mobile to check if it was loaded. It was.

That’s when super-guard went into overdrive. First, he moved the reporters around the corner for safety, then he retrieved the ordinance. Grabbing guns faster and more furiously than Eric Holder, he barely got the first one slung on his shoulder before diving in after the second. Both AR-15’s were returned to a grateful Seattle Police Department.


    • Well, not to worry, the liberal Chief of Police here in Seattle will coddle the two idiot police officers who left their weapons inside a vehicle. What a sorry ass town to live in…no wonder we’re selling our home and heading to a state that is conservative. Seattle has been lost for decades.

  1. This idiot Seattle PD needs to be kissing the feet of that security guard. Bet he doesn’t make as much in pay as one of the ignorant city cops who left the weapons in the cars. Damn, I used to be LEO & this is embarrassing nearly each & every day with some cop doing something stupid or criminal.

  2. Looks like the Antifa is going to be shot because they are trying to take over our society and America will not allow that. If the liberal leadership will not do their jobs and allow police to control the situation then they will be usurped by citizens. It is time for the Democrats to be Americans and not criminals or they will suffer the consequences!

  3. This incident doesn’t say much for the Seattle PD. Dumbass cops leave weapons and loaded weapons to boot in their car in the middle of a riot.
    You have to be pretty stupid to do that, but then it is liberal socialist Seattle.

  4. Get the reporting technically correct please. The AR-15 is NOT an automatic weapon (i.e. machine gun).
    It is a semi-automatic rifle. Sheesh!


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