Covid-19 Exposure at Fox News Sends Top Anchors Into Immediate Lockdown

Fox news hosts covid-19 outbreak

The President of Fox News Media and several of the network’s top anchors are being told to self quarantine due to possible Covid-19 exposure. The drastic decision comes after the network’s top talent unknowingly flew on a plane with someone infected with the Covid-19 virus.

The staff members currently in lockdown include Fox News Media President Jay Wallace, along with anchors Brett Baier, Juan Williams, Dana Perino and Martha MacCallum.

Someone tested positive

The New York Times reports the Fox News hosts were possibly exposed to the virus when they flew on a private plane together coming back from the last presidential debate on Thursday night in Nashville, Tennessee. Someone on that flight has since tested positive for the virus. None of the anchors are reporting any signs of illness at this time. The lockdown is a precautionary measure to prevent any possible spread to other employees at Fox.

The virus exposure comes at a horrible time for Fox News, with the presidential election just a week away. This will surely be one of the biggest weeks for news ratings in recent history.

In a memo to employees, Fox News Media President Jay Wallace and Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott said they would be “further reducing some of the workforce in our buildings and operating virtually wherever possible through the week.”

Election coverage over a Zoom call

So I guess this means we’ll be seeing some of the top Fox News personalities covering this historic election over a Zoom call in their homes. Kind of a buzzkill.

This comes just weeks after President Trump, the First Lady and their son Barron tested positive for Covid-19. Several White House staff members who work closely with the President were also infected, including Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

After a brief stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the President was released with a clean bill of health and he wasted no time getting right back on the campaign trail. I suspect the anchors at Fox News will be back to work in no time as well. Maybe even in time to cover the election in studio.


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