Court Hands Hollywood Actress Hefty Prison Sentence


Actress Amy Locane has mounting prison sentences that stem back to a 2010 car crash involving alcohol.

Actress Faces Another Prison Term

Known for being a “Melrose Place” actress and also staring in several movies, the star has already served a sentence for a fatal drunk-driving crash but could once again go back to prison. Two different judges gave her three sentences.

According to Rochester First, in March 2010, Helene Seeman was killed when Locane and her husband turned into their driveway in New Jersey.

The New Jersey court system had Locane’s case tied up for years because prosecutors were determined to push for a more significant sentence than the one a judge ordered in 2013.

The Court Rules She Has to Go Back to Prison

This past week, a ruling from an appeals court decided that another judge incorrectly resentenced her last year. This caused her case to be once again sent back for yet another sentencing.

On Wednesday, the same ruling also dropped Locane’s argument that the sentencing violates double jeopardy protections because she has already completed her sentence.

Locane’s Attorney Puts Up a Fight

The attorney for the actress, James Wronko, said on Friday that he was taking the matter to the state Supreme Court, which could ultimately take many months to receive a ruling.

“Ms. Locane has been out of prison for five years, and it’s been two years since she completed parole,” Wronko said. “During this entire time, she has done everything they’ve asked her to do, and it’s difficult to explain to her two girls why five years later, Mommy’s being put back in prison.”

As for the details of the crash, the actress says a third motorist was involved and was chasing her – leading her to be distracted, which ultimately caused the fatal crash.

A state expert said Locane’s blood alcohol level was around three times the legal limit and was driving over 15 miles over the 35-mph speed limit zone when the crash occurred.

Different Judges – Different Rulings

Ultimately she was convicted on vehicular manslaughter among other charges and initially faced five to 10 years. The state sought a seven-year sentence, but the trial judge ended up giving her three years. After an appeals court ruled the judge had misapplied the law, he still did not give her a longer sentence at her resentencing.

“When the government timely appeals an initial sentence or a sentence imposed at a resentencing, a defendant is put on notice that the sentence may change and he or she cannot acquire a legitimate expectation of finality,” Superior Court Judge Kevin Shanahan wrote.

This judge resentenced the star’s last year to five years. Her lawyer adamantly disputes the judge’s decision.


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