Court Docs Released: FBI Blood Ties Revealed

Court Docs Released: FBI Blood Ties Revealed

According to court documents, the FBI has been paying a member of a Satanic death cult as an informant, funding his evil actions to help push their narrative.

Court documents state that Joshua Caleb Sutter was an FBI informant being “paid handsomely” to lead the “neo-Nazi terrorist group” known as the Atomwaffen Division.

Information Liberation reports: “Atomwaffen Division under Sutter’s leadership became a Satanic death cult that targeted troubled youth for radicalization so the feds could set them up to advance their false narrative that ‘white extremists’ are America’s greatest terror threat.”

Revelations about the FBI informant have been slowly trickling out on social media.

“This is potentially massive. It’s been confirmed in court documents that Joshua Sutter, one of the Atomwaffen leaders (and one of the biggest O9A proponents), is an FBI informant,” wrote Jake Hanrahan, a journalist and filmmaker.

“Sutter runs ‘Tempel ov Blood’ with his wife. ToB promotes pedophilia, psychotic violence, and rape, and has even led to Atomwaffen cells convincing young girls to self-harm based off of the ToB ideology. This group is run by an FBI informant,” Hanrahan wrote in a subsequent tweet.


“Sutter, according to the filing, earned more than $140,000 from the feds, including $80,000 since 2018, when AWD came under heavy federal investigation following my ProPublica investigation with @Jake_Hanrahan & AC Thompson,” wrote Ali Winston, an investigative reporter.

“Sutter isn’t identified by name, but its undoubtedly him. Martinet Press publishes Order of Nine Angles texts that have radicalized countless youth in Neo-Fascist, Satanist practices. He has that aforementioned ’03 conviction for trying to tell a firearm w/an obliterated serial,” Winston wrote in a follow-up tweet.

The FBI reportedly brainwashed a group of troubled patsy youth using the media and “illegal psychedelic drugs… in what can only be described as a psychological warfare operation.”

Despite all of this evidence, it is pretty clear that the FBI is going to continue getting away with their crimes against the American people, because the results of their actions further the left-wing narrative.